Steve S

At the beginning of the year ,I found myself in a situation where I seemed unable to cope with everyday life. Unable to sleep, anxious and I guess depressed. Eventually I decided to do something about it and my wife booked a meeting with Cathy for me after finding her online, and because she was local. I remember feeling extremely anxious as I sat in the car waiting for that 1st appointment, as though I was the only one with these issues.

The initial meeting was very relaxed and I found myself able to be very open and honest with Cathy about my feelings. I arranged a further meeting and after a couple of months everything we had initially discussed began to fit into place. This understanding enables you to recognise why you feel the way you do and to put simple measures in place which really work. Now a couple of months later I feel like a different person. And I am the one who is in control. If any of this sounds familiar, I would recommend you give Cathy a call. she really has helped me to help myself and turn my life around.