Testimonials – Anxiety Therapy

Thank you so much for the work we did during my Hypnotherapy session recently.

For years I found myself  constantly feeling as though I was not good enough, and it wasn’t until it nearly cost me my life, that I realised I had to do something about it!

That’s when I called you, Cathy for help! The Hypnotherapy techniques you used were truly powerful!  And the results were amazing!

It helped me deal with a number of issues I had long since buried after suffering a major setback in my 20’s!  Now, For the first time in decades, I feel free! Finally I have been able to resolve and release myself from  all the inner conflicts and resistances in my mind. And it’s been profoundly beneficial in helping me make better decisions, to embrace my unique qualities and strengths, and most importantly to value myself and be proud of who I am!!

I know this sounds a bit cliché, but I cannot express my sincere gratitude and thanks  to you in introducing this amazing therapy approach to me! It has genuinely changed the way I live my life now! The freedom and inner peace this has given me is just truly illuminating!

Maddie S.

I have so enjoyed working through this programme and have learned so very much more than I could ever imagine about myself and others around me. Cathy’s guidance and support is invaluable and I now focus every day on the new me and the new possibilities I have available to me now and in the future. Cathy’s inspiration is remarkable and immensely valuable beyond belief, so a massive thank you for supporting me in my journey.
Paul D.

I have confessed in the past to be a bit of a workaholic and I also lacked self-confidence. Then when I experienced Burnout recently, I knew I needed some help in recovery, and moving forward from this more healthily.

I was blown away by the positive changes I was able to make through  Hypnotherapy, which Cathy integrated into my Therapy Sessions. It paved the way for better self-nurturing, and for me saying ‘No’ more often, instead of constantly pleasing everyone, and wanting them to approve of me, and recognise my worth!!

I hadn’t realised the conflicts and resistances I had held onto for so long had become so ingrained, which led me to constantly trying to protect myself and masking my true feelings! Once I understood what they were and resolved and released the issues, I suddenly found I had a voice again, and I could use it more effectively!

The confidence gained from the amazing techniques and strategies Cathy applied motivated me in to making a major career decision. And I am now in a much better place, in a completely different job which I feel totally inspired in and feeling utterly amazing. So thank you so much for helping me become more enlightened Cathy. And be assured, that I am highly recommending your services to colleagues and friends.

Andrew B.

I contacted Cathy in early 2021, in the midst of the lockdown. I felt at rock bottom, struggling with anxiety and obsessive behaviours, some of which were based around the pandemic. I was also struggling with self confidence and a lack of understanding in myself. This was impacting family life, my relationship and my work. To add to that, I had just lost a family member to Covid which added a whole other bunch of emotions into the mix.

Cathy was able to help me understand the causes and the reasons for my feelings and behaviours and then address them directly, allowing me to make healthy changes. She taught me how to handle challenging situations and emotions. Her communication is incredible, even over video call which can be challenging. Everytime we spoke, I felt incredibly well heard.  

My anxiety and obsessive behaviour is now under control. My family life and relationship have never been stronger. My outlook is positive. Every day presents new challenges. However, thanks to Cathy I now have the tools to deal with those challenges. Thank you!

Miles P.

Cathy has changed my life. I came to Cathy unsure where to go next in my life, in terms of how to heal from past trauma & how to do this. Cathy gave me all the tools, guidance & somewhere safe where I could open up. I am now able to forgive, move on & have all the tools on how to cope with my anxiety, stress & depression. I would definitely recommend Cathy to anyone going through the same or similar situations! Thank you so much for what you have done for me.

Jasleen B.

The Covid19 Pandemic had  left me extremely anxious about everything. Every morning I was plagued by anxious feelings that would not go away. I am a young mother and my daughter and son attend primary school near where I live, but I worried every day about them going back to school that I could not function day to day. I kept having panic attacks and was worried about showing my distress to the children. Meeting Cathy was a huge relief for me. And I was so grateful to be able to see her face to face rather than remotely. Cathy was very patient and helped me to understand and work through the worries more effectively. The Hypnotherapy session was a real wow for me though, as it enabled me to get a better insight into what was happening and gave me the chance to reframe and release my fears.  And I thank her from the bottom of my heart for supporting me through all of this, because I can now be me again. It was very much a step by step process but I can definitely say it was worth every penny! I am really enjoying my life with the children now and feel so much better prepared emotionally and mentally to deal with whatever life throws at me! Huge thanks to you Cathy and your amazing skills.

Maddie R

I saw Cathy for a course of Anxiety to Amazing treatment for my own anxiety and I have made such progress with her guidance, support and patience. She has provided me with a really helpful toolkit to continue managing my anxiety in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy to anyone experiencing similar issues. Thank you so much!

Rebecca M.

I contacted Cathy midway through the Covid19 Pandemic. I was made redundant from a job I had been in for 25 years, and was so overwhelmed with worry about finding another job, and not being able to provide for my family, that I was finding it hard to make simple decisions, and lost my confidence. This spiralled into depression, and I just didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I was thankful that I was able to see Cathy face to face at her practice.

Cathy’s method of coaching along with the therapy techniques she taught me, gave me the ability to shift my mindset.. I hadn’t realised just how much stuff I had locked away inside me until I had the transformational Hypnotherapy session. This was absolutely remarkable, as it enabled me to address and then release all of the stuff from the past which had inhibited my confidence and my ability to make the decisions I wanted to make.

Cathy supported me with great patience and understanding, and I cannot express how grateful I am for her guidance and encouragement in helping me work through those obstacles and enabling me to nurture my dream and take action. I have now got my life back again, a new job, and a clear direction. Brilliant!

Carl B.

I contacted Cathy as I was stuck at a point in my life where I wasn’t enjoying my work and didn’t know what I wanted to do. This was creating levels of sadness and feeling quite low, unsure how to progress when I was unclear on what I want to do with my life.

Cathy helped me identify many things such as my core strengths and values, wants and needs, visions and goals to help me think more clearly about the things I want to do / achieve in my life.

This helped me to start thinking positively about what I want to get out of life and helped clear some of the sadness I was feeling about my current situation.

Following working with Cathy, I can now see a clearer way to help work out what I want to do as a career as well as other things I want to do in my life and this has already lifted my mood and made me have a more positive outlook.

Jamie R.

I approached Cathy looking for help regarding intense anxiety and panic attacks. Over the sessions that I did with Cathy, I came to understand how my brain works and gained back control over my emotions. Not only did we work on techniques that could help me when I was suffering with a panic attack, but we also worked on positive thinking and re-establishing a good view of myself, including my values, beliefs and goals in life. This helped me to refocus on positive aspects rather than just tackling the anxiety. Thank you Cathy for your clear guidance and help.

Rebecca P.

My son had been having angry outbursts at school and at home which were getting out of hand. And Cathy was absolutely brilliant with him. She took time to really listen to him and she was spot on with all her observations. Cathy taught me and the family some fun methods in how we could all work together, to find the best way to support each other and move forward as a team. It did require a little practice, but I was amazed at how well my son involved himself in the whole process. He has a very creative mind and Cathy really encouraged this, it was so pleasing to watch him come alive during the sessions, as well as how he applied the methods at home too. It has totally transformed my son. He is much more animated now and smiles and laughs a lot. We are all so grateful for Cathy and her interventions. It taught us all so much more about ourselves and our family.

The Granger Family

I contacted Cathy because I had been suffering with panic attacks that had become so overwhelming that it was interfering with my work and my relationships. Cathy helped me to really understand the basic mechanisms of the fear I was experiencing. She taught me simple techniques that were invaluable to my progress. And the transformational Hypnotherapy session was totally awesome. The last couple of sessions we had to do through Skype, because of the Covid19 lockdown. I wasn’t sure if virtual sessions would work for me, but they were actually just as effective. And the strategies and methods Cathy provided, have continued to inspire me and enable me to gain greater insight into the direction I am now taking and the vision I have created. I can’t thank you enough Cathy for helping me transform my life.

Lydia R.

I just want to say a huge thank you Cathy. I was having a lot of difficulty at school with anxiety, and when my mom found you online,  I was not in a good place. But you taught me some really useful tools that allowed me to understand what was really happening with my thoughts, and now I can turn them into more helpful questions that allow me to find new ways to respond to unhelpful thinking. I am so grateful for all the help  you have given me. I don’t think I could have tackled all the changes I had to make without your coaching support. This whole journey taught me a lot about myself and I feel so much better about things now. So thank you very much

Emma S.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for all you have done for Jack and all the help and support you have given us along the way. Now Jack has all the tools he needs to assist him in moving forward in a better and more positive way. And if we need any more help in the future we know we can come to you. So many thanks once again.

Stuart T and Family

Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that Sam has completed his first week at college ! I’m sure that the work you did with him has helped so wanted to say a huge thank you to you. Best wishes

Diane D.

Dear Cathy  just in case Alex has not been in touch with you I wanted to let you know he did really well in his exams and went back to Exeter last week. He had a bit of a wobbly first few days in his house but managed to go to his first lectures and yesterday he went to play squash and to the social for a short time which is amazing. I do not think there is any way he would have been able to take these steps without your help so thank you so much again for all that you have done.

Alison PT

Just want to say huge huge thanks Cathy, that’s some super awesome empowering stuff you’ve done for me! Feeling really good. I’m sure it’ll continue to sink in over the next few weeks and months. I love your style of thinking, so genius but so simple. What an amazing gift. I wish you all the best!

Alex H.

I have found Cathy’s sessions incredibly useful, especially involving certain situations such as school, friends and exams. The coaching methods and techniques she has taught me have been very beneficial. Methods like the Stop Pause and Breathe technique have really helped me to relax and calm down in situations when I feel nervous. It has helped to show me  that I am perfectly capable of achieving and to go beyond what I am afraid of.  Also since Cathy is available to contact via phone or text during the day or evening, for free mentoring in between sessions, it is very reassuring to know that if a situation gets too much, and you don’t know how to handle or cope with it, a helping hand is nearby. At one stage I was unable to go into school without panicking, but now I can engage and go in to school now everyday, since I now know ways to enable myself to feel calm and regain control

Charlie B

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given my daughter. Before she came to see you, we were so frightened that she would just give up on her life completely, as the depression had taken such a grip on her.  You were the only person my daughter had developed a good rapport with, enough to trust you and talk to you honestly about everything that was affecting her. Your approach was so gentle, yet firm enough to encourage her to give things a go, and helped her to see a whole new perspective on things. Thanks to your amazing skills, we have our daughter back again. She has taken up her fitness training again, and has joined a meditation group. And next week she starts her University degree in Physiotherapy. Thank you so much Cathy for believing in Abby, and helping her to believe in herself again

Julie B.

Thank you so much Cathy for all the encouragement and support and patience you gave me during my sessions. The debilitating anxiety I used to suffer from, always used to make me feel so trapped, which used to cause me to feel so powerless. But you taught me some amazing methods  for overcoming that sense of powerlessness, which gave me back my self-control again and enabled me to create a coping plan that completely turned my world around. Last year I passed my exams, I got an interview for a job I really wanted and the interview went so well that they gave me the job!  I am proud to say that everything is going really well, and yes, I do believe in myself now, and I am enough!  It feels Amazing

Amanda N.

Thank you Cathy for giving me the tools to get though my anxiety, overthinking and low self-esteem. You helped me to see things in a new perspective and were always so supportive and understanding. Cathy has had such a positive impact on my life, so I will say thank you again to Cathy for all of the support and for encouraging me to believe that I AM AMAZING.

Best Wishes

Clare S.

Before coming to see Cathy, I was so anxious/scared about getting on in life. I had changed career, and kept worrying about whether I had made the right decision. I felt permanently on edge, distracted and detached.

I came to Cathy because I liked the concept of Empowerment Coaching. It enabled me to take a step back and see things from a fresh new perspective. This approach provided me with the tools and insights I needed to manage my fears and create the life I wanted! For the first time in ten years. I feel more in control of my thoughts and emotions!!!

And, I am really happy to say, with Cathy’s help,  I learnt how to connect more deeply with my career and my personal mission, which has been the ultimate reward for me in going forward!

Lynne S.

I would just like to thank you Cathy for seeing our son Jack so quickly. Jack was extremely nervous in coming to see you and getting help with his school anxiety and stress after him making the transition from primary to secondary school. But you enabled him to feel at ease straight away, you have such a natural way of connecting with children. The 4 session Anxiety2Amazing Programme was all that you said it would be, it helped Jack to change his thinking, his language and his feelings, and he is embracing his strengths and even joining 2 new after school activities, which he would never have done voluntarily before! We will always be grateful for all the support and help you have given Jack and us as a family as well. So thank you. We will definitely be recommending you to others.

Lisa & James D & family

I just want to say a huge thank you to you Cathy, for the empowerment and support you gave me in enabling me to manage my exam and social anxiety at school. The simple techniques you taught me through the Anxiety2Amazing Programme were awesome and really did help! The Hypnotherapy session was mindblowing, and I am playing the empowerment recording every day to help me focus and to keep me motivated. And it really works, even my mum is amazed! Lol! No one would know that I once  felt scared meeting people, or going to exams! I have even been teaching my younger sister some of the techniques you taught me..so now everyone is happy Lol!

Leah S.

My daughter Lauren came to see Cathy, because of acute social anxiety and stress within the school environment. Cathy introduced us to the Anxiety2Amazing Programme, where Lauren saw her for 4 sessions. Within those 4 sessions I saw a tremendous transformation in Lauren. Her attendance in school improved, and she began coping much better with situations which would have normally caused her lots of stress. The strategies and techniques Cathy taught her were invaluable, and I can confirm that Lauren got her amazingness back again!! So thank you so much for introducing us to this programme. It really is Amazing.

Lisa &James D & family

I went to see Cathy for Coaching sessions whilst I was going through a rather bruising marriage breakdown.  I was feeling desolate and helpless and I had sort of lost my way for little while, to the point where I didn’t feel very good about myself or my life. I am very grateful for the support and patience Cathy gave me during my therapy sessions, her expert knowledge and skill helped to guide me through some very tough times, by teaching me new methods and strategies for looking beyond the mirage of walls and unhelpful detours.  It was very empowering, and has really helped me to turn my life around.


About a year ago now you saw my son Michael for a few sessions to help him with exam nerves and stress during his A-levels. He was becoming increasingly frustrated that, no matter how hard he worked, he was not managing to access and apply his knowledge in an exam situation, probably due in part to his dyslexia. The relaxation and focusing techniques you taught him had an amazing impact.

I thought you would like to know that this September we dropped him off at Newcastle University to start his Engineering studies. I am sure that without the help and support you gave him he would not have fulfilled this dream. He would certainly not have been able to maintain the robust mental state and good health which he did during the summer, when he retook virtually all his A and A/S level modules to achieve the grades he needed. Thank you for enabling my son to achieve his potential, and for giving him a “coping” skill set which will be with him through life.

–  Sylvia M.

At the beginning of the year ,I found myself in a situation where I seemed unable to cope with everyday life. Unable to sleep, anxious and I guess depressed.
Eventually I decided to do something about it and my wife booked a meeting with Cathy for me after finding her online, and because she was local.
I remember feeling extremely anxious as I sat in the car waiting for that 1st appointment, as though I was the only one with these issues.
The initial meeting was very relaxed and I found myself able to be very open and honest with Cathy about my feelings. I arranged a further meeting and after a couple of months everything we had initially discussed began to fit into place.
This understanding enables you to recognise why you feel the way you do and to put simple measures in place which really work.
Now a couple of months later I feel like a different person. And I am the one who is in control.
If any of this sounds familiar, I would recommend you give Cathy a call.
she really has helped me to help myself and turn my life around.

~ Steve S

I just wanted to say a big thank you Cathy for all your help over the last 2 months.

At the time of seeing you, I really could not see a light at the end of the tunnel and I really appreciated our sessions to enable me to rationalise all the emotions and anxieties I was feeling.  The sessions really helped me to refocus and to untangle all my jumbled thoughts so I could move forward again. I sincerely believe I would not have got through this so quickly without your help. So thank you so much.

I would not hesitate referring my friends or colleagues to you as I know you will be able to help them.


I found your therapy programme very positive and personally productive, it has been most beneficial in helping me take a step back and to stop being so hard on myself. I still continue to use all the techniques and strategies I learnt through the programme, and I am understanding things better, and letting go of all those old fears. It feels good to be able to let people see more of the real, authentic me, and now I can just get on with enjoying my work the way I used to. I can definitely say your therapy programme made a real difference to me, so thank you for your enthusiasm and guidance, it has been greatly appreciated, not only by me but the whole of my family!

Jennie G

I’d like to thank you for your expertise, professionalism, humour, sincerity, kindness and understanding that all helped me to get back on track and to start believing in myself again.

Dan W

I was exceptionally lucky to discover Cathy back in March 2009 (aged 51) when she greatly helped me to overcome some life-long issues I’d had with low self-esteem and trust. This was as a result of an abusive childhood, losing my mother as a toddler, having a schizophrenic father who was in and out of mental institutions, surviving a children’s home, and bringing myself up/surviving from the age of 15 years old.

After finally freeing myself of my demons, Cathy helped me get to a much happier and healthier place.

Fast forward 8 years, now aged 59, I felt I needed some ‘tweaking’ to iron out some anxieties I was experiencing with some multiple osteopathic surgeries that I’d had to have due to osteoarthritis of various joints. These surgeries had forced me into early retirement, and subsequently into a bit of depression and a dent in my feelings of self-worth.

I was extremely lucky to find out Cathy was still practising, as she was my first port of call in supporting me through this challenging situation! And I am most appreciative of her genuine kindness, patience and gentle approach, in helping me to believe in myself again and to move forward more confidently.

I will always greatly admire her as a therapist and empowerment coach. She is an individual of the highest calibre both professionally and personally. With qualities that make her a competent and professional practitioner  I would highly recommend her to others in need of support and guidance.

Thank you Cathy

Soozy S.
May 2017

You really helped me to work though my beliefs as they stood at the very beginning of therapy, and to focus on the possibility of looking at my past in a new alternative way. This helped me make sense of my experiences and my situation and to keep in my mind my own reasons for wanting to change.Everything was so well structured so I could see how my sessions were mapping out, as well as how I was progressing. You were immensely supportive and helped me to build my vision and aspirations with tangible goals which enabled me to learn new skills and gave me purpose and direction. It was really beneficial knowing that I had the optional free mentoring sessions available between sessions if I needed them. So thank you Cathy, for giving me your valuable time, as well as in sharing your knowledge and your warmth, it has been a very positive and inspirational path for me. Your sessions helped me to believe in myself, and enabled me to grow in strength and confidence.

Sue L

For some time I had been struggling with increasing problems with work-stress, and in addition, a great deal of pressure was coming from my impending divorce, and the extreme demands which were expected of me. Finding time for everything was a great issue for me and I was at my wits end. I hadn’t considered online Stress management programmes, until I spoke to Cathy. Being able to attend my coaching sessions via Skype, opened up an innovative gateway for me; to plan some ‘breathing space’ in which I could prioritise areas of my life and organise my time accordingly. It was immensely useful. The stress management programme made a tremendous difference to me and my life, enabling me to cope with and deal with the pressures around me much more effectively. Such a relief.

Matt H

Every session was well structured and helped me put things into perspective. It also helped me to understand about reactions and how they happen, and about the different life choices I could make. It enabled me to see things differently, about the negatives and positives, and many more things which I don’t know how to word!!
Thank you very much Cathy!

Emily C

Our Daughter had been diagnosed with Separation Disorder and School Phobia through CAHMS and she was put on the waiting list for therapy, but we felt that we could not wait the 15 months it took to get an appointment.

We found Cathy through a Google search whilst looking for a professional that could support our daughter and ourselves. Cathy was always a very positive and  calming influence on our daughter, and our daughter learned to takes things one step at a time. She was given achievable goals and taught new tools and techniques to enable her to overcome the daily panic without the use of medication.

We saw a marked improvement after just 4 sessions. Our daughter took all Cathy’s suggestions and techniques to heart and slowly gained some confidence, her school attendance rose from 45% to 70%.

When our daughter had a bit of relapse we were able to access the unique mentoring process available in between sessions, which helped support our daughter through any recurring difficult situations.

Dr Youakim, at CAHMS was very complimentary of Cathy’s methods and we feel that without Cathy’s interventions, our daughters recovery would have been a much longer process. We can definitely recommend Cathy’s skills in this area.

Michael and Christel Stenson – Parents,

Cathy has helped me so much with all of the techniques she has taught me on how to keep calm in situations that i find stressful. She also helped me gain a lot of confidence and helped me believe in myself a lot more. She helped me in my journey to self help so when i go to school (which I am going too a lot more now) I can keep calm in situations when she is not there. It was also nice to know that there was someone there to help you work through a stressful and upsetting situation.

Overall, Cathy has been an amazing help in my panic attacks, she is very easy to talk to and open up to, which is a great relief when you struggle to talk about how you feel.

Celine Stenson – Daughter of Michael and Christel

I managed to fit in two face-to-face therapy sessions with Cathy, and then I fractured a bone in my ankle, and I couldn’t get to see her! I felt so disappointed, as the sessions were really beginning to help me. Then Cathy offered me online therapy sessions via Skype, and I was so grateful! It was so easy, and enabled me to continue with therapy and work through my difficulties effectively. The whole online therapy experience was well structured; sessions were very focused and successfully met all my goals and expectations.

Sarah M

Well where do I start; I feel so much better about just about everything in life now. I am actually starting to socialise again. I am still a bit shy and prone to blushing but I don’t mind that much because I can laugh at it and not beat myself up about it and it soon goes away. I have made some serious effort to introduce positive change into my life and I’m really really proud of what I have done so far. I am gradually getting more confident and I can at last accept myself as I am and just feel so good about everything.
Let me say Cathy, that I think that to devote, as you have done, your life to helping people like myself makes you a very special person indeed. I will never forget what you have you done for me and I really can’t thank you enough. I will keep the notes you sent me about questioning my core belief and recognising my purpose. I still read them from time to time for inspiration to keep me on track. I really loved being hypnotised because I left that session feeling like a different person, so profound was the effect of it on me.
All of your future clients are going to discover pure gold when they meet you and I wish you all the best for your future.


Six months ago, I thought I would be on anti-depressants forever, and that I would never find a therapist who ‘got’ me or who could give not only practical methods of change, but also practical reasons to want to change!I am naturally disciplined to discuss my feelings and problems with people, so challenging my beliefs under Hypnotherapy, allowed me to open up in a relaxed manner, to speak freely and to move forward. Pretty amazing stuff! Although it’s only the start of a long road for me, the fact that I am even on that road, is all down to this therapy. I have already recommended you to friends, and would have happily paid double for the changes I have seen! Thank You Cathy


Much of the time, I have been trying to run away from my feelings, but after completing my therapy programme with you Cathy, I was able to address those painful memories in a different way. You helped me to understand how feelings work, and motivated and prompted me into action, even though this meant I had to get out of my comfort zone from time to time and you helped me go through this gradually, step by step. I thought it might be scary, but you taught me how to confront my fears in a safe and controlled manner, which in turn bought me freedom and confidence again. Thank you Cathy, it has really helped me improve my mental attitude and focus. Now I’m no longer ‘stuck’ I am moving forward again with a real positive energy.

Carol H

Online therapy sessions via Skype worked really well for me. I was a little uncertain about using the video-call at first, as I would normally prefer to see someone face-to-face, but I soon found my weekly sessions invaluable. To be able to discuss anxiety management issues in the privacy of my own home was most beneficial, and I was so grateful for Cathy’s patience and support. She really put me at my ease and was very skilled in her field. I have learnt a lot about myself through these sessions, and now I am able to refocus my attention on other things rather than myself, which has given me back my life again.

Rachel D

I was really nervous at the thought of going to cognitive therapy sessions, but I needn’t have been. You were really supportive and encouraging throughout the sessions Cathy, and you quickly put me at ease, I felt that you really cared about my issues and took the time to listen when I needed to voice my fears and anxieties, without rushing me in any way. This therapy was indeed a very inspirational journey for me. Thank you.

John P

Before I came to see you Cathy, my mind had been on constant auto pilot for so long, that I was fearful about anything and everything, and I really didn’t think I would ever be able to change. But after coming to see you for a 5 week programme, you taught me so much about myself, and my responses, and it allowed me to have a choice in how I react to a situation. I now use the new calming skills you taught me, on a daily basis, to replace my old negative habits, which I have found most valuable. The relaxation CD you provide is Fab! And I have already recommended you to colleagues and friends of mine. Thanks Cathy, I really didn’t think it would be that easy to change old deep-set behaviours like mine, but I was amazed at the results, and for the first time in years I feel free to live again!

Sue G

Before starting Family Coaching, I was extremely stressed. It was difficult trying to organise the family, and work full-time. My husband commutes to work and leaves early in the morning and returns quite late in the evening, so it was often left to me to sort out the family dynamics! Cathy’s coaching programme really helped me to recognise that I was always in such an urgent rush, school mornings had always been the most difficult for me , it seemed to be a constant battleground between me and the kids, it’s no wonder they rebelled!
Our sessions with Cathy certainly transformed our family life. It gave us time to reflect on our approach to parenting, and helped us make sense of the everyday challenges we faced. We are especially grateful for Cathy’s support in helping us to navigate the changes, we were able to create a step-by-step route towards where we wanted to be, and every day we managed to achieve a huge difference in how we did things, how we responded and how we reacted to each other. Our mornings are so much calmer now, and I have developed effective easy-to-apply methods for tackling any practical or emotional problems, which give me time and space to focus on family time, values and goals.
Most rewarding! We now live our life in a very different way, where the family laughs more , shares more, and achieves more! Thank you Cathy

The Johnson Family

I have had low self esteem and confidence for as long as I can remember, and my social phobia was really restricting me. But I really valued your kindness and patience in helping me to change my life around. Your knowledge and enthusiasm were really empowering, and the calming skills you taught me were really useful. I no longer have to hide away in the back of a crowd any more, which is a great relief and I am now able to communicate with others in groups, and feel equally comfortable which has been a tremendous result for me.

Daniel F

Cathy’s Family Coaching programme helped us gain a clearer understanding of our son’s anger and destructive behaviour. It provided us with some essential tools for dealing more positively with any potential conflict situations as they occurred. It was enlightening, informative and very rewarding, and now we take more time to listen to each other, and less time shouting!

The Davies Family

I felt very comfortable speaking to Cathy via Skype. This approach allowed me to work at my own pace in the privacy of my home. I cannot thank her enough for the sincere support and guidance she has given me during a very difficult time in my life. It was all very positive, and enabled me to make the adjustments I needed to make, in which to look forward to my future with a more positive outlook. I would certainly recommend Cathy, and being able to attend my sessions via Skype was a great benefit for me

Pat S

Cognitive Therapy has really helped me to see the wider perspective. One of the most important things you showed me was to limit self-blame and to use an encouraging voice instead. I used to harbour so much anger inside me, but you helped me to learn about reactions and helped me to become more aware of what was happening within me when I felt angry. The anger management skills you taught me have been invaluable. Before therapy, I was always living in the past….now I am able to experience things as they are with acceptance, and not as I think they are or should be. I also have a much more relaxed way of seeing things, and feel so much calmer for it. Thank you Cathy

Mark R

I just want to say a huge thanks for helping me adjust back to civilian life, after coming home injured from Afghanistan. Your therapy programme helped me immensely in shedding my anger and fears, and I can’t thank you enough for being so kind, and so patient, especially at a time when I thought I would never get through such feelings of extreme anxiety and despair.

You helped put me back in charge of my motivation, and that in itself was a fantastic achievement for me, especially since I believed at the beginning that there was nothing to feel motivated about. But you helped me to recognise that motivation is a skill you can relearn, and that there are ways of replacing fear, which allow you to do things more comfortably. I am now able to understand and challenge my anger, and I can turn frustrating situations into opportunities. Thanks to your excellent guidance Cathy, my life has completely turned around, and you were right, it really was an amazing journey. I just needed to believe in myself again. It wasn’t easy, but you taught me how to reach my potential whatever difficulty I faced, and that was profoundly powerful and empowering. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

James A

My self esteem had been very low for years, and I used to constantly think of myself in negative terms. So after years of being self-judgemental and feeling I was just ‘pathetic’ it was strange, but beautiful, to able to see the light again. The techniques and exercises you taught me were immensely helpful, because I was able to work through them at home in between sessions quite easily. I built myself a chart as I progressed through each task, and I also bought some Gold Stars just like you suggested, to stick on my chart for every achievement I had made, which my children thought was great fun!! The 5 week programme was fantastic, and now I’m totally refocused in how I think , and I feel so much better about myself and more confident in all aspects of my life. Thank you Cathy.

Pam H

My whole life has been one long stress, but it was when I fell ill, that I knew I needed some help to enable me to look at things differently in my life so I could readjust and give myself time to reflect on what had happened. I am so glad it was your website I came across first; it was like it was meant to be. Your valuable guidance and enthusiasm gave me the motivation to progress, even when times were tough. Thank you for all your help, especially teaching me pain management techniques, which have allowed me a much greater freedom and a real release for me. This has been a great achievement and has helped me to learn to listen to my body more, and to work with it rather than against it. The Pain Management CD has been wonderful.

Christopher T

Quite literally, my life has turned around since attending your therapy sessions.

You gave me the strength Cathy, and perhaps led me the way to taking control of my life again, and being honest and truthful to myself and the people close to me. I can recognise now where I went wrong.

I am so very happy and once again Cathy thank you for allowing me to go within myself, and to challenge my emotions, it helped me to take my life in the direction I wanted it to take.

Gary L

Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and locked in a somewhat depressive state, I was advised to seek help.

As a psychology graduate myself, and, to be honest, a little reluctant to seek help, I was truly astounded at the benefits of receiving therapy.
Cathy, although highly qualified in her own field, has a natural gift with people and I almost felt honoured to meet her. You can`t `learn` the skills she has.
She completely turned my life around and I will be forever indebted.

Elaine O

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