Walk for Happiness

Walk for Happiness

Walking outdoors is an effective way to break you out of a perpetual train of negative thoughts. Most importantly, walking with others enables you to have much easier conversations about difficult subjects

The Walk for Happiness Project is open to anyone who has been experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or low confidence. It provides you a safe space to meet new friends and walk alongside each other without fear of judgement.

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walk for Happiness project

The Walk for Happiness Project

It’s widely known that spending a little time in nature can be wonderfully healing for the mind, body, and soul. More so, it provides you space to better connect with your spiritual self and enjoy just being in the Now. Not to mention, allowing you to slow down the pace of life, and giving yourself time to pause away from the busyness.

This amazing project is about connecting people of all ages. Just for one mile, (most often, a bit longer if we feel like it) to discover new ways to shed your worries and increase Mental Happiness, Wellness and Self-Belief.

Want to get Involved?

To get involved in The Walk for Happiness Project, you can apply to be a member and come and join us on our weekly walks. There is no commitment to join every walk. And, you can dip in and out when you like.

We will have themed topics like how to let go of worry, building confidence, unlocking self-acceptance, how to stay motivated, being present in the moment, how to find harmony in a world full of busyness, how to handle frustration, building positive energy and many more topics!!

The Walk for Happiness Project is all about promoting healthy thinking. And to keep the interest going, there will be competitions for the best ideas for new themes, new locations, and maybe even an annual ‘Happiness Festival’. Another bonus is that everyone has the amazing opportunity to get involved in this Amazing growing community. One that has the support of each other, in creating Champions and Ambassadors that endorse Mental Happiness and Wellness.

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