Stress Management Techniques 

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stress management techniques


Whether you suffer from Anxiety, Stress or Depression, discover how you can Achieve Positive Outcomes, that bring long-term happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life. This Believe in You Programme, is designed to provide you with a complete 1 month package for building a Better Mind, a Better Body and a Better You. Discover how you can bring out the Amazingness in you, with powerful Anxiety and Stress Management Techniques, which transform how you think, and feel, and do things. Learn how to master your own strengths and transfer your dreams and aspirations to reality, while still having lots of fun along the journey. Let Empowerment Coaching help you today.

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Stress Management Techniques


Each extraordinary 1 month programme, has been individually created and adapted for Adults and Young People. They ultimately focus on Empowerment Coaching, alongside Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and  Transformational Hypnotherapy. (or Visualisation for the much younger children) This enables you to discover empowering ways in which to better cope with Anxiety, Stress or Depression.   They introduce you exclusively to new and proven stress management techniques and methods, which support you and your family in accessing amazing ways in which to develop and strengthen your Mental Happiness.  Empowerment Coaching helps you find the solutions faster. Enabling you to respond to change in positive ways, that allow breakthroughs to emerge and help you build resilience.

You will also benefit from discovering some elements of the Mind Management model, from The Chimp Paradox, by Dr Steve Peters , which will help you to understand the workings of your mind and body, in a more fun and simplified way.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024


Stress Management Techniques


“It’s Okay to Be Me”

This revolutionary one month Programme is adapted for both Young People and Adults. It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, alongside Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy, to enable you to recognise the connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions, as they relate to the Anxiety Stress or Depression symptoms you experience. You will discover amazing stress management techniques which allow you to let go of old disempowering thoughts, beliefs, and habits. So you can replace them with new empowering ones that enable you to respond differently. Which creates better opportunities for you to grow and evolve and bring out the absolute Amazingness in you in every way.

The Young People’s Anxiety2Amazing® programme provides exclusive Empowerment Coaching for Young People From Primary School, right through to University. Each of the interventions provide your youngsters, with the right amount of tools and action steps needed to strengthen their life skills. A remarkable chance for them to discover how to break through the barriers that hold them back, and to ultimately build on their core strengths towards success. These Empowering Stress Management Techniques, support young people in building a higher resilience and a greater self confidence so they can cope better with Family, School or Social dynamics, as well as bringing out the absolute best in themselves.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024


Stress Management Techniques


The Empowering Women programme is specifically designed for Women of all ages, who are ready to do everything it takes – no matter how challenging – to make Positive Transformational Changes in their lives.

Whether you are just thinking about Going back to Work after having Children; or Changing Careers; or maybe you are just starting out again after a Divorce; or learning how to navigate your life through the  Menopause. Wherever you are in your life, the Empowering Women Programme, will enable you to discover the Secret to a better Mind, a better Body, a better You, so you can feel fabulous from the inside out, and confidently transfer your dreams and aspirations to reality.

Which ever journey you are considering, this empowerment programme will set you on the pathway of extraordinary living – so you can always Believe in You. FIND OUT MORE HERE

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024


All About Me Programme


This is an Empowerment Coaching programme specifically designed for those of you who have just left your educational journey, are stepping into your new career path and want to build your self-confidence and improve your performance. It’s a transformational learning platform with a difference. The difference being, it converts learning into a fun and adventurous journey. A journey in which you can really get to know your true amazing self.

Some of the things that can cause stumbling blocks for you, as you embark on your new life journey, is low self-esteem, self-doubt and self-questioning. Sometimes it is not just one internal or external change that can propel you into uncertain, or unfamiliar territory, sometimes it can be a number of things all at the same time, leaving you feeling anxious or resistant. So what can you do, to expertly navigate your way through those obstacles and reach the success you desire?

This is where Empowerment Coaching helps, as it provides you with the opportunity to gain new insights into what is working and what isn’t, and what you want and what you don’t want. It enables you to build on your self-belief, discover your strengths, and learn how to confidently challenge and move through those obstacles with ease,  so you can master your own goals and achieve the success you desire. And this is where you really learn to shine…Your vision….Your Journey….Your life.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024


The Walk for Happiness Project


Go to the Walk for Happiness Page, and learn more about The Walk for Happiness Project. “Walk a Mile for a Smile”.  This is an invitation for anyone who has suffered from Anxiety, Depression, or low Self-Confidence and low Self Esteem, to come join The Walk for Happiness Project Community. Which together with the a new programme “Believe in You, allows us to create Champions and Ambassadors in the Community, where we can communicate a powerful message about Mental Happiness. A powerful message that people cannot ignore.  It involves exciting events, competitions and themes.

Contact Cathy for further information 07970947024

Free Consultation

I offer a Free Consultation for all programmes, so book a Free initial appointment today through the contact me page

Cathy McCarney DCBT DCH MAEPH 


Achieving the Difference You Want to Make

Increase your ability to manage your mind and body. Learn how you can expand your awareness and go beyond what you thought was possible, with powerful Stress Management Techniques:

  • Become more Motivated
  • Make Better Decisions – Think creatively
  • Master the Art of Mindfulness
  • Improve Communication
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Overcome Nerves and Build a Strong Mind-Set
  • Accelerate your own Healing Abilities
  • Build Self-Confidence and become more Assertive
  • and Create Better Problem-Solving Skills


By Appointment Only:  Monday to Friday in Balsall Common

By appointment Only:   FaceTime or Skype Sessions available 


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Stress Management Techniques with Empowerment Coaching and Mindfulness

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Transformational Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach


Exam Stress and Anxiety Management for Students

I provide valuable Exam Stress and Anxiety Management Sessions, through Empowerment Coaching, for young students doing their Exams, at school, College or University. It’s about providing a good platform for creating space to learn and revise more effectively, and having the ability to become immune to others expectations, criticism, judgement or behaviour. In these 5 sessions your child/student will discover some powerful tools and practices that will open up new ways to reach their ultimate goals  –  If your youngster needs support, and would like more information then please Send me your details through the Quick Contact Form below on this page, then we can arrange a Free consultation.  

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