I offer Yoga Nidra as an alternative to Hypnotherapy, for the specific purpose of reducing anxiety and stress, as it is deeply restful and helps make lasting transformation in your life. This is also an immensely restorative practice for grief and personal loss, where it offers you the chance to heal from deep within while being fully supported.

Yoga Nida is especially important to us all right now, in this ever-increasingly busy world, with so many distractions and a higher level of stress. As it provides the deeper experience of understanding, healing, kindness, and surrender and effortlessly restores harmony and inner peace. 

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Walk for Happiness

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The Practice

So What is Yoga Nidra? 

Yoga Nidra allows you to tap into a state of relaxed consciousness, similar to that of guided meditation/relaxation. Unlike Yoga itself, your body is completely still and in a perpetual state of deep relaxation.

While in a deep state of tranquility and relaxation, you can access repressed or unprocessed emotions – like anxiety, stress, grief, and tension – and learn how to detach yourself away from them. The entire process allows you to experience the different states of consciousness, as well as the transitions between them, so you can reach a more harmonious, restorative state between body and mind.

Not only does Yoga Nidra help train your brain to navigate some of life’s challenging moments and create powerful lasting changes – but it can also help manage your immune function, blood pressure, cortisol levels and induce restful sleep. Overall, a wholesome practice that leaves you feel wonderfully rested, present and rejuvenated.

Never underestimate the power of this practice. By surrendering Mind’s resistance to letting go of repressed emotions and beliefs, you can be reunited with your unique wholeness. So, you can trust and believe in yourself more deeply. This practice is an investment in your own well-being and is truly restorative, and relaxing, and just too good to overlook. 

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