Hypnotherapy for Wellness

Hypnotherapy for Wellness

Hypnotherapy for Wellness – Face to Face or Online. Local to You, within Warwickshire, Coventry & Balsall Common.

Hypnotherapy for Wellness is an integral part of any Anxiety or Depression Programme. It provides one of the most powerful processes for safely releasing and eliminating past painful emotions.

As a result, it brings you long-lasting transformation. So you can safely free yourself from any negative emotions attached to them. Turning disappointment and fear into Satisfaction, Freedom, and Inner Peace.

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Walk for Happiness

Walk for Happiness

Slow down the pace of life and give yourself time to pause away from the busyness. Come and join us on The Walk for Happiness. A Mile for a Smile…

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What to Expect

In this Hypnotherapy for Wellness programme, I support you in discovering the root of your own unresolved conflicts. Once discovered, you will have the power to understand those blocks more clearly. Giving you the power to break through the resistance that mind has created, and safely release yourself from unhelpful behaviours and beliefs.

As a result, you will emerge from this session with the emotional freedom to move forward more confidently, with an incredible sense of calm and inner peace.

The unique techniques involved are a proven system that have helped many of my clients go on to confidently live the life they want to live. And so can YOU!

Homework is a key part of the maintenance phase of the hypnotherapy for Wellness process. The benefits and gains you will achieve beyond the appointments, will be enhanced by your participation in engaging in all the techniques and strategies provided.

You will also receive your own empowerment visualisation recording from your appointment, to empower you in keeping the therapeutic gains and changes maintained.

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