Hypnotherapy for Wellness

Hypnotherapy for Wellness

Hypnotherapy for Wellness is an integral part of any Anxiety or Depression Programme. It provides one of the most powerful processes for safely releasing and eliminating past painful emotions. As a result, you discover deeper insights into old limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. And the ability to safely free yourself from any negative emotions attached to them.

The entire process brings you long-lasting transformation much quicker and more comfortably, for personal change and growth. Equally allowing you to comfortably turn disappointment and fear into satisfaction, freedom, and inner peace.

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The Hypnotherapy for Wellness Programme…

In Hypnotherapy for Wellness, I support you through a facilitating process like mediation, to become the detective in discovering the root of your own unresolved conflicts. Once discovered, you will have the power to understand those blocks more clearly.

Unwanted behaviours or self-limiting beliefs originate in the non-conscious part of the brain. So, this is where Hypnotherapy is incredibly useful. powerful techniques allow you to communicate safely with the non-conscious mind. Enabling you to break through the resistance that mind has created and gain emotional freedom.

As a result, it gives you the space to build new behaviours, which allow you to be more aware of what you really want, and how to make that happen.

What to Expect

Throughout this therapeutic process you will remain in control. You will be able to establish a focused awareness that is sufficient and adequate for obtaining relaxation and calm within the body, and freedom from apprehension and anxiety.

The entire practice facilitates positive change, so you can attain an effective solution that is acceptable and appropriate for achieving your own desired goal.

You will emerge from this session feeling incredibly calm and refreshed. Equally, you will notice a remarkable change in your responses from the beginning – or at least within the following few days.

All that is required is your determination and willingness to release whatever blocks are preventing you from moving forward. It’s a proven system that has helped many of my clients go on to live the life they want to live, with confidence and inner peace.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see!


Homework is a key part of the maintenance phase of the hypnotherapy for Wellness process. The benefits and gains you will achieve beyond the appointments, will be enhanced by your participation in engaging in the techniques and strategies provided.

You will also receive your own empowerment visualisation recording from your appointment. Most importantly, this recording must be listened to regularly for a number of weeks and will empower you in keeping the therapeutic gains and changes maintained.

It is not the methods alone which help you to make positive changes, but what you do with them. So taking action and putting these methods into practice on a daily basis, will provide you with the powerful results you want to achieve.