Maddie R

The Covid19 Pandemic had  left me extremely anxious about everything. Every morning I was plagued by anxious feelings that would not go away. I am a young mother and my daughter and son attend primary school near where I live, but I worried every day about them going back to school that I could not function day to day. I kept having panic attacks and was worried about showing my distress to the children. Meeting Cathy was a huge relief for me. And I was so grateful to be able to see her face to face rather than remotely. Cathy was very patient and helped me to understand and work through the worries more effectively. The Hypnotherapy session was a real wow for me though, as it enabled me to get a better insight into what was happening and gave me the chance to reframe and release my fears.  And I thank her from the bottom of my heart for supporting me through all of this, because I can now be me again. It was very much a step by step process but I can definitely say it was worth every penny! I am really enjoying my life with the children now and feel so much better prepared emotionally and mentally to deal with whatever life throws at me! Huge thanks to you Cathy and your amazing skills.