The Johnson Family

efore starting Family Coaching, I was extremely stressed. It was difficult trying to organise the family, and work full-time. My husband commutes to work and leaves early in the morning and returns quite late in the evening, so it was often left to me to sort out the family dynamics! Cathy’s coaching programme really helped me to recognise that I was always in such an urgent rush, school mornings had always been the most difficult for me , it seemed to be a constant battleground between me and the kids, it’s no wonder they rebelled!

Our sessions with Cathy certainly transformed our family life. It gave us time to reflect on our approach to parenting, and helped us make sense of the everyday challenges we faced. We are especially grateful for Cathy’s support in helping us to navigate the changes, we were able to create a step-by-step route towards where we wanted to be, and every day we managed to achieve a huge difference in how we did things, how we responded and how we reacted to each other. Our mornings are so much calmer now, and I have developed effective easy-to-apply methods for tackling any practical or emotional problems, which give me time and space to focus on family time, values and goals. Most rewarding! We now live our life in a very different way, where the family laughs more , shares more, and achieves more! Thank you Cathy