The Granger Family

My son had been having angry outbursts at school and at home which were getting out of hand. And Cathy was absolutely brilliant with him. She took time to really listen to him and she was spot on with all her observations. Cathy taught me and the family some fun methods in how we could all work together, to find the best way to support each other and move forward as a team. It did require a little practice, but I was amazed at how well my son involved himself in the whole process. He has a very creative mind and Cathy really encouraged this, it was so pleasing to watch him come alive during the sessions, as well as how he applied the methods at home too. It has totally transformed my son. He is much more animated now and smiles and laughs a lot. We are all so grateful for Cathy and her interventions. It taught us all so much more about ourselves and our family.