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So what is your Normal? This was a conversation I was having with one of my very dear friends, Stephen J Whitton. Stephen is the Founder of MENable, a global movement for Mental Health awareness and prevention in the Automotive Sector.

Our conversation naturally veered towards Mental Health and Wellbeing – as it always does when we chat. We were discussing how things would change with the lifting of restrictions post covid, and whether work conditions would go back to “normal”. Stephen feared that the present attitudes and expectations of Leaders in the automotive sector, would be to just get back to life before covid.

Many Leaders in this mostly male sector, will admit that they currently do not have anything specific to support Mental Health. Furthermore, many of them are not even aware of Mental Health Issues in their sector!

Even when they are aware of it, many Leaders say they do not have the training to deal with difficult conversations relating to emotional stress or depression.

A large majority of men in non-managerial positions expressed that Mental Health and Wellbeing were never discussed, or addressed openly in the workplace. Consequently, for those men who were really struggling with Mental Health, the constant, pressurised environment and working culture often just exacerbated their conditions.

However, this is the attitude and approach that Stephen is encouraging leaders to change, through the MENable Movement. And he is really passionate about supporting the industry in making these changes. Above all, he wants to encourage more conversations about Men’s Mental Health and new healthy approaches towards the working culture.

The expectations of going back to normal post-Covid, do not always seem to take into account the emotional or mental state of the individual.

It reminds me of the BUPA Mental Health Advert I have seen on TV, where they ask “What is your normal”….

The advert talks about: One individual’s normal could be feeling anxious all the time, and finding it difficult to cope with ordinary things. Another’s normal could be missing a lost loved one endlessly, or feeling detached constantly.  Someone else’s normal could be crying, secretly. While another could be feeling depressed and wanting to stay in bed because they can’t face the day. Maybe your normal is finding the pressures of work totally overwhelming? Or that you are really unhappy in your career and feel trapped or uncertain of your future role.

Everyone’s normal is going to be very different.

If there is something I have learnt through these Lockdowns, is that I am going to create a new normal that makes way for more Self-Care in all areas of my life.

I encourage you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself now –  Do you really want to get back to what you call your “normal”?

How will your organisation or business learn from how you adapted your own working arrangements during these lockdowns? Are they more open-minded to making changes that progress towards a positive and encouraging new normal – The kind of changes that work towards better working conditions and flexibility that suits the individual.

It is essential that everyone feels they can have an open and honest conversation with their leaders about their working options. More importantly, to feel that they have been heard and listened to, and a workable agreement put in place.


What about if we all choose to make this the time when we adopt an inspiring NEW normal? One that is within your own personal power!

What would your new Normal look like?

  • A new Normal that encourages you to be Present in the moment and pay attention to your surroundings. One that also allows you to express how you feel healthily in the moment without fear of judgement, knowing that it is okay and safe to do this.
  • A new Normal where you know you can embrace your Authenticity. Allowing you to be and do whatever feels good to you, and not caring one bit what others think about how you look, or sound – Just being uniquely you.
  • A new normal that gives you a powerful sense of self-worth and allows you to feel proud of yourself and what you represent.
  • A new Normal that allows you Autonomy – The freedom to determine the best way you work. Therefore encouraging better engagement, greater satisfaction and improved work-life balance.
  • A new Normal that gives you Enthusiasm and Energy that feeds your curiosity and sparks your imagination – one that makes life feel like an amazing adventure to you.
  • A new Normal that provides you with the ability and capability to take risks, so that even when certain things don’t go quite so right, you have the ability to learn from any setback and get back up again, even when faced with challenges of the mind. That it is all part of the learning process which helps you grow and evolve. We were all born with this power and it is called Resilience.


So what is your normal? Are there ways that you would like to change that normal, which would make a real difference to the way you live your life?

If you want to make changes in your life, but not sure where or how to start – GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TODAY.

We can work on putting together a vision plan along with individual action steps tailored to your needs. This will provide you with the freedom to make those changes more comfortably as well as build your confidence and self-belief.

Catherine McCarney – Creativity Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Transformational Hypnotherapist

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