Weight Control Therapy

Weight Control Therapy in Balsall Common

Weight Control Therapy

This Weight Control Therapy involves Empowerment Coaching, Transformational Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

Now, most of you may have tried diets, but they are rarely successful and can often lead to mood swings.  And as you know, this can cause cycles of overeating or bingeing. So a combination of therapy methods and strategies can be immensely effective in helping you build self-love and self-belief. At the same time, it also strengthens your self-esteem and enables you to look at food differently.

As you work through this programme. You will be able to:

  • Discover new ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Release the blocks that keep you stuck
  • Work on new techniques that enable you to develop positive and empowering methods, for managing a healthy nutrition and fitness regime.
  • Learn inspirational methods for building your Self-belief and Self-love, so you can feel fabulous from the inside out.

The Believe in You Programme 

Believe in You

I also offer a new programme called Believe in You.  An empowering programme specifically aimed for women who want to develop a ‘Better Mind, a Better Body and a Better You’.  The strategies you will learn, will show you how to disengage from the mind’s constant chatter and help you to bring out the best in you.

In addition, it will also give you the option to join a bespoke physical training regime. One that provides you with everything you need to help you improve and strengthen your tone, stamina and fitness. Alongside this, there is also Nutrition Coaching available, to ensure you get the results you want.

If you are interested to learn more about this revolutionary programme, please contact me directly for further information.

 Understanding Effective Weight Control Therapy
weight control

When some people are under stress, their eating problems may become worse. Also, their self-esteem and confidence levels become low and their thoughts can become irrational. 

With this in mind, it will be important to look at how stress and negative emotions cause you to react in certain situations or circumstances you find yourself in. 

Re-occurrence of symptoms of over-eating is often directly related to the importance of an initial event in your life. Even though you may not even remember what that event was. Although, most often, the Unconscious mind has actually stored this event and used it to its own advantage. The greater the importance assigned to the event the more frequently the symptom will occur.

 By using Transformational Hypnotherapy, you can gain a better understanding of this event which will enable you to reframe it or release it. So allowing you to be free to kick into a higher gear. Once in that higher gear, you can experience the positive changes that bring you freedom. Giving you the space to build new behaviours, that allow you to be more aware of what you really want, and how to make that happen.

Discover what works for you and be inspired to Motivate to take action NOW. Make TODAY the day that you make a difference in YOUR life, and be prepared for a really Amazing Journey.


Contact Cathy McCarney – Tel: 07970947024
Transformational Hypnotherapy and Weight Control Therapy in Warwickshire, Coventry & Kenilworth


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