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Looking Good and Feeling Better with Confidence Building Training

Healthy Weight Control

Most people have tried diets, they are rarely successful and can often lead to mood swings, causing cycles of overeating or bingeing, but Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a dynamic therapy using elements of psychotherapy, motivational coaching, NLP, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, together with Energy Therapy, which can be immensely effective in helping you to feel better about yourself, to build your self-esteem and also enable you to look at food differently.

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As you appreciate yourself more deeply, and begin to understand the energetic aspects of food, you can create more balance and ward off cravings. You will learn about stress coping strategies, anxiety management and confidence techniques which will help you gain the emotional freedom you desire.

With these coaching techniques, there are no diets, and no magic wands, just your own self-belief in your most important benefits of effective Weight Management, and your desire to reach your goal in Looking Good and Feeling Better

The combination of confidence techniques and stress management methods in this weight control therapy, allows you to discover new ways of thinking, and doing things, which enable you to develop more positive and solution-focused methods in managing a healthy weight control, so that you are able to set clear and realistic goals which you are more comfortable with and are inspired by. 

The Cognitive approach to weight control therapy, starts by looking at your own personal perceptions and thought processes as they relate to your present emotions. We look at Stress Anxiety ManagementConfidence Building TrainingImproving Self Esteem as well as identifying your energy type and looking at the foods that balance your body energy.

Understanding the basics of energy balance can help you to establish how much energy you are taking in from food and how much you are burning off through activity, thus helping you to pinpoint where changes need to be made.

 Cathy McCarney DCBT DCH MAEPH
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach
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Hypnotherapy -Weight Control Therapy

This revolutionary method for Weight Management uses the latest psychological techniques and strategies within a powerful visualisation therapy, which helps you to get the best results faster. You may have become so desensitised to your body’s inner messages that attention to your body’s real needs has become somewhat displaced.

Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapy helps you to focus your attention on choosing what agrees with your whole self, so you can change the way you think about food and feel about yourself so you can begin to feel and look healthier with a greater confidence. As you become naturally absorbed in the state of deep relaxation, you will learn new strategies and methods for helping you eat with attunement, and to detach yourself away from energy-defensive eating. The whole solution-focused approach in this therapy does require your determination, commitment and persistence, so to help you keep on track, I provide ultimate support and mentoring throughout this process.

So many of my dedicated clients have used this same approach to help them manage their weight successfully, and ultimately they feel so much better about themselves and their life. 

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Understanding Effective Weight Control Therapy

When some people are under stress, their eating problems may become worse, their self-esteem and confidence levels become low and their thoughts can become irrational. So it is important to look at Confidence techniques and ways of Improving self esteem, through stress anxiety management, so you can be aware of the areas you need to focus on changing, and the alternative methods for helping you cope with stress and negative emotions with renewed confidence and strength. 

We all have our own individual metabolism, and this metabolism is controlled by the Unconscious mind. Whether we are resting or exercising, our unconscious minds decide how much food we need or how much to store as fat! By using your awareness, you can learn how to tap into that metabolism and discover the basics of your energy balance, so you can establish the right changes for you. 

Eating also can satisfy our emotional needs, and it is understanding these needs that help us to analyse the treatment, to give you back control. Happiness and good self-esteem come from within….so it is truly important for you to lean how to be contented and comfortable with yourself. When you are contented and energised, you are better able tocope with good, effective methods of weight loss, thus greatly improving self esteem and self-worth. 

Re-occurence of the symptoms of over-eating, is often directly related to the importance of an initial event in your life. You may not even remember what that event was, but the Unconscious mind has stored this event and used it to its own advantage. The greater the importance assigned to the event the more frequently the symptom will occur.

 By using Clinical Hypnotherapy Services, you can gain a better understanding of this event, which helps you to reframe it, or release it, allowing you to be free to kick into a higher gear, so you can experience the positive changes that come from improving your awareness of the energy content in food and the energy you burn.Discover what works for you and be inspired to Motivate to take action NOW, make TODAY the day that you make a difference in YOUR life, and be prepared for a really Amazing Journey.


Contact Cathy McCarney – Tel: 07970947024
Clinical Hypnotherapy Services and Weight Control Therapy in Warwickshire, Coventry, Bedworth & Kenilworth


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