Transformational Hypnotherapy

Transformational Hypnotherapy


Transformational Hypnotherapy is an integral part of any Anxiety or Depression Programme. Its amazing formula enables you to gain greater insight into yourself; your behaviours; and the meanings you have placed on certain events and situations from the past. Enabling you to resolve deep inner conflicts and release painful emotions so you can turn disappointment and fear into satisfaction, freedom, and inner peace

Transformational Hypnotherapy

Each powerful process of Transformational Hypnotherapy allows you long-lasting transformation much quicker and more comfortably. And since results speak louder than words, you will learn how to discover and completely release all those inhibitions and sub-conscious blocks successfully. Permitting you to attain full personal power so you can master your goals with absolute confidence, and competence.

Positive progress will come from your own determination and commitment to change the way you think, and feel, and do things. So it is your commitment to change that gives you the ultimate power, so you can achieve more, enhance your communication skills, strengthen your relationships, boost your self-confidence, and build a more robust self-belief.

The power is in the understanding, as these revolutionary new techniques work from the Core to give you the CURE.


How often have you experienced inner conflicts that inhibit successful attainment of your important goals?

How many different methods have you tried in your attempt to overcome destructive habits or behaviours?

Furthermore, despite all your best efforts in eliminating those destructive habits, you still find yourself constantly resisting change and getting stuck, because of unresolved inner conflicts!

If inner conflicts have been left undiscovered, or unresolved, they may very well remain strong enough to prevent certain techniques or methods of therapy, from providing you with any permanent benefits. Is this something you have experienced?

Parts Hypnotherapy allows you to communicate directly with any of those conflicting subconscious messages, which have caused you to consistently resist change. Ultimately giving you back the power to create an effective solution and successfully release yourself from those blocks.

Inner Conflicts

When inner conflicts arise, you may find yourself saying, “Part of me wants to get rid of this habit, while another part of me seems to want to keep it going”

Mind will produce a million reasons why you cannot do something, by convincing you that you are not good enough. Or it will even persuade you that something will go wrong, or something bad will happen, and that you will make a complete fool of yourself!

  • “I want to go to the gym, but I keep putting it off, because I don’t want other people judging me”
  • “I want to change jobs and take on a new role, but I don’t think I am good enough”
  • “I want to increase my skills and join a new workshop, but I am not confident enough in groups”.
  • “I want to say yes to this dinner invitation, but I know I will get all anxious when I have to speak to someone, and then they will notice my distress, and that would be awful”

The two primary parts of the subconscious in conflict, are the Conflicting Part, and the Motivating Part.

Often, the Motivating Part wants you to overcome an unwanted habit or behaviour so you can become healthier, have more personal success, be acknowledged or recognised, or have a better self-image etc. Conversely, the Conflicting Part may keep you firmly stuck in an old habit for several reasons: self-protection, protection within relationships, self-punishment, temporary enjoyment, present unresolved issues, or even rebellion.  

Though don’t be fooled into thinking that the Conflicting Part is always the ‘enemy’. As in some occasions, it can also provide a very constructive job or purpose. Provoking you into paying attention, so that you make some other significant changes of habit or lifestyle.     

In Parts Hypnotherapy, I support you through a facilitating process like mediation, to become the detective in discovering the root of your own unresolved conflicts. Once discovered, you will have the power to better understand those blocks. Enabling you to communicate with both the motivating and conflicting subconscious parts with more ease. Therefore, allowing you the freedom to attain an effective solution that is acceptable and appropriate for achieving your desired goal.

The power to change, and let go, always lies within YOU!

My own firsthand experiences of Parts Therapy has contributed to my reintroduction to this method of transformation. Along with the remarkably high success rate for positive change within my clients. Ultimately validating the ability to obtain meaningful results where many other methods or techniques have failed.

You can experience this success too! It’s simple. It is safe, and most importantly, allows you to regain an inner state of harmony, so you can live a more fulfilled and contented life.

All the dedicated clients who have come to see me for help with Anxiety or depression issues have had phenomenal success in using these powerful techniques. With equal commitment and determination, so can you!

Cathy McCarney – Transformational Hypnotherapist

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