The Walk for Happiness Project

The Walk for Happiness Project©

The walk for happiness project Walking outdoors is  good way to break you out of a perpetual train of negative thoughts. And walking with someone else, enables you to be have much easier conversations about difficult subjects.   The Walk for Happiness Project –  “A Mile for a Smile” is open to anyone who has suffered from Anxiety, Depression and low Self-Confidence or low Self-esteem.   It is about connecting people of all ages and giving them a chance to meet new friends and walk alongside each other without any fear of judgement.

Spending a little time in nature can be wonderfully healing for the mind, body and soul. You can better connect with your spiritual self and enjoy just being in the Now. It also helps slow down the pace of life, because there is no need to race to get anywhere. As you begin to embrace the moment with each step, you will be able to change the energy of thought and mind, using all your senses, so you are actively engaged in the experience of walking.  During the walks you will be able to discover and practice new techniques in releasing worries and building confidence safely by supporting each other. The Walk for Happiness Project is all about being inspired by nature’s energy, and discovering new things that make you smile and lift your spirits. Just for one mile, (sometimes a bit longer if we feel like it) to increase Mental Happiness.

Contact Cathy McCarney on 07970947024 for just a mile of your time, and come join us 


Mental Health and The Walk for Happiness Project

This project allows young people, adults and families who have struggled with anxiety, Depression or low self-confidence and low self-esteem, to discover amazing methods for managing challenges in all types of life Situations. You have the advantage of discovering new verified techniques, which enable you to become empowered for change, and so become better prepared for any future challenges ahead on your exciting life journey. Once you understand a little bit more about overactive mind thoughts, and the effects this causes, you are able to develop more improved ways of thinking and doing things, which give you back your own personal power.

The Walk for Happiness Project  promotes healthy thinking. And to keep the interest, there will be competitions for the best ideas for new themes, new locations, and even an annual Happiness Festival.   The bonus being, in all of this, is that every person has the amazing opportunity to get involved in this Amazing growing community that has the support of each other. Creating Champions and Ambassadors and endorsing Mental Happiness.

The Walk for Happiness Project is also part of Cathy’s Confident Cure, which is part of the new programme “Believe in You”  which will be launched in April 2019. Progress reports will be reflected in the new Blog with tips, stories, news, competitions, photos, and topical features and themes.

There are a range of exciting events for The Walk for Happiness Project, taking place to either fit into mornings, evenings, School terms, weekends and even Seasonally, with different themes involved. As well as linking this project to Schools and areas all over the country, and even continentally.

To get involved in The Walk for Happiness Project,  Please contact Cathy McCarney on  07970947024, or send me a message though my CONTACT page

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