Stress Management

Stress Management Programme

Stress Management

 In this Stress Management Programme, we explore the potential sources of the stress you are experiencing, your responses and the consequences they create. When you experience stress, the body has to make certain adjustments which can be really challenging. If you fail to deal with one source of Stress sufficiently, then this may result in other stressors being created.

The Empowerment and Creativity Coaching Methods used here, enable you to discover your own unique strengths, abilities and capabilities. Giving you the power to choose new responses that support and empower you.

Whether it is Family Stress; Work Stress; School Stress; Financial Stress; Relationship Stress; or Internal stressors like Anxiety and Panic; this Stress Management programme is designed for you.

Stress Management Empowerment

This 7 week programme uses Empowerment Coaching with Transformational Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In just 7 sessions these stress management methods enable you to bring out the absolute Amazingness in you.

Firstly, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods will help you to understand the workings of the mind. Allowing you to explore the connection between your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Secondly,  Transformational Hypnotherapy will give you the power of understanding, so you can safely address and release any blocks and obstacles from the past.

And finally, the essence of  Empowerment Coaching will allow you to consciously recognise patterns of behaviour so that you are fully aware of your reactions to situations. With effective stress management techniques, you will develop the power to make exciting changes. Ones that release you from old reactions, and enable you to create new healthy responses that empower and inspire. This gives you a vital vantage point towards gaining self-mastery. So enabling you to grow and evolve more authentically. 

How Negative Stress Impacts the Body

Stress impacts the body as well as the mind. The effects of this negative stress and how it manifests in you as an individual will dictate how you react to it. You may have been feeling overwhelmed, or found yourself having more stress than you can cope with at times. This may result in the very visible behaviour of Anger, such as shouting, hitting out or invading personal space. It may also result in using substances like drugs or alcohol to help numb the feelings and lower inhibitions.

Excessive Stress may cause you to feel somewhat depressed at times. When this happens it will lead you to feel more down or tired than normal. Causing you to feel that there is no hope, especially when things are repeatedly not going too well for you. In the same way, it will pull you into negative self-talk like “I feel worthless”, “pointless”, “not good enough”.

Excessive work or life pressures can sometimes cause you to feel more worried about things, which increases stress. Outwardly you may try to disguise this by suppressing your feelings and emotions so as not to show others how you feel.  But this can activate deeper emotions and cause you to shut people out or isolate yourself. So good stress management strategies are important for helping you move forward more confidently. Providing a greater focus to enable you to achieve the goals you want.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Empowerment Coach for Good Stress Management

FaceTime or Skype Sessions available if needed, by appointment only


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