Stress Anxiety Support

Anxiety2Amazing* Stress Anxiety Support Sessions and Groups For Young People


Are you in need of some Stress Anxiety Support, to help you with the pressure of exams at School,  Sixth Form or University? Are you finding it stressful to manage your workloads? Is the pressure of revision and study time causing you to feel anxious and overwhelmed? Are you a parent of a youngster who is going through exam or study pressure, and you are worried that they are not coping well?

I offer Stress Anxiety Support Sessions and  Groups for Young People from the ages of 8 to 25.

Maybe you have a young daughter or son who has Anxieties about school? Do they worry about ‘fitting in’, do they have difficulties in their friendship circles, are they being home schooled, or have been effected by bullying, isolation, or high expectations? Then these Stress Anxiety Support sessions and groups, will allow your child to discover their strengths, and enable them to grow and evolve with confidence.

I offer everyone the choice to either see me on a one to one basis, or choose to be a part of a small Stress Anxiety Support group.  My support groups provide a Safe Space, for young people to be able to talk freely and openly about their anxiety issues, without fear of others judging them. They will also have the opportunity to discover how to use the simple Empowerment Coaching Techniques I teach. This will offer them the important tools and methods to help them to better cope with Family, School or Social dynamics, and enable them to manage their stresses, fears and anxieties more effectively.


Stress Anxiety Support with Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching supports every young person in using their strengths and finding their own level of Excellence. It’s also about discovering how to think and move outside the box, so they can go on a brand new journey full of inspiring options and amazing experiences. This creates a positive space for them to grow and evolve, which in turn allows them to be more aware of their own passions or goals, so they can discover how to move forward  more confidently in the direction or career path they want.

Please contact me direct for one to one sessions Tel: 07970 947024

Please Feel free to ask any questions, and arrange to come and see me for a Free Consultation

Stress Anxiety Support Groups Fee: £35 per child per 60 mins Group Session 

Following the weekly sessions, Monthly Support Groups are made available, to continue to Motivate, Inspire and Encourage you to learn how to be Champions in your Community.

anxiety-support-groups-2Stress Anxiety Support Groups for Teenagers in Warwickshire and Coventry.

Together, we can Break the ‘Anxiety Stigma’. Together, we can become Leading Masters in Anxiety Management. Together, we can create Champions in our Community and Communicate a Powerful Message that People Cannot Ignore!!


To register your interest in a Stress Anxiety Support Group in the Balsall Common or Coventry locations – Please Ring or Text Cathy, on 07970947024 or leave a Message on my Quick Contact form on my Home Page



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