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Family Coaching Programmes

Family Coaching Programmes. Are you struggling with the demands of being a parent, as well as the pressures of a full-time job? Do you find yourself becoming more reactive towards your child’s moods or behaviour? Do you feel powerless to cope with the dynamics of family relationships and rules? Then some of the techniques and methods you will learn here, will help you to address these problems more effectively and create a healthy work-life balance, which is satisfying and productive  at all levels.

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Are you and your partner having relationship issues?  Do you have a few sticking points in your relationship, which are causing negative patterns to regularly occur? Would you like to be more proactive in solving them? Then this family coaching process provides an interactive solution-focused approach, in which you will learn how you can improve communication, prevent misunderstandings, build closeness and resolve conflicts,  by equipping you with the coaching skills and tools which will enable you to deal with difficult issues more effectively, and encourage you to identify the personal goals, or action steps which both of you are motivated to pursue and accomplish.

Is your child struggling with Family, School, and Social Dynamics: Do they Feel Excluded; Worry about Fitting In amongst their peers; Suffer from Increasing Bullying or Low Confidence issues; Have they become very Depressed; Do they have difficulties in Handling School or Exam Pressure, or have they developed Destructive Behaviour inside or outside the Family Environment? Well it may be that your child has just lost their way, and may need some new motivation methods and skills to help empower themselves. This coaching approach can help them to better understand and deal with emotions more effectively.

The ultimate goal of these Motivational Family Coaching Programmes are to bring out the absolute best in everyone, and to make it easier for you to communicate more effectively with one another. Ultimately leading to beneficial outcomes, while simultaneously Reducing Stress Levels within the whole family environment!

Contact me for Further Information and arrange a Free Consultation – Cathy McCarney – Tel: 07970 947024


One-to-one Coaching Sessions for Youngsters with Stress and Anxiety Issues

Child Coaching I provide one-to-one Coaching Sessions for youngsters,  between 8 years old and 19 years old.

These individual sessions  are part of the Anxiety2Amazing Programme, and provide the Youngsters with the opportunity to work through their difficulties or issues in a safe and comfortable environment.  A place where they can learn how to become a ‘Coaching Buddy’ to other youngsters with similar issues. Learn Effective Techniques and Methods to Manage Stress and Anxiety. As well as have access to a private group forum hosted by myself, where they can gain support and interact with each other safely in between coaching sessions

Child Coaching offers a fresh new perspective on Self-Empowerment and Motivation, providing your children between 8 and 19 years of age with effective confidence techniques and skills, stress anxiety management, and anger management techniques, to help them cope better with Family, School, and Social Dynamics. It uses interactive problem-solving methods and techniques which enables youngsters to learn how to create calmer responses and reactions to situations, so they can express themselves more healthily and better manage interpersonal conflicts at school or at home. This programme is a good foundation for them in helping to improve self-esteem, to look and feel more assertive, and to develop meaningful relationships in all areas of their life.

If you are interested in further information, then please contact me – There will be a Free Initial Introductory session available.

 Cathy McCarney DCBT DCH MAEPH
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach

Family Coaching Programmes
Call me for Your FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION– Tel: 07970 947024
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Motivational Family Coaching Programmes, helps to take a Parent’s relationship with their child to a more Child Counselling  enhanced and open level, it also prevents Parent Burnout. Therefore it is an Essential and Effective Solution for Reducing Child and Parent Stress and Confidence Building Training

Parent Coaching  provides achievable and realistic structures for you to use, which can be immensely effective in building bridges between you and your child, and creating open and durable communication, so helping to restore damaged relationships and bringing forward the inherent resourcefulness and creativeness within your child.

All Coaching Sessions are designed to be inspiring, interactive, and relaxed, and can be arranged in groups or individuals. So If you are interested in Family Coaching programmes, then please give me a call or email me with your details and  a background of the difficulties you, your child or your family are experiencing

I am a Qualified and Experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Diploma -Institute of Counselling) and Coach, specialised in working with youngsters and adults, for help with Stress management technique, Cognitive therapy for Depression , Anger management techniques, Confidence Building Training, and Generalised Anxiety Management

**I also have an up-to-date CRB Disclosure**

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Coaching and Confidence Building Training for all Ages

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