Mindfulness and Empowerment Coaching for Depression

With Cognitive Therapy

Depression  This Depression programme is part of the Anxiety2Amazing® Programme.  It places a great emphasis on thought processes and behaviour patterns as powerful areas to target positive change and development.

As you work through this  Depression therapy and empowerment coaching process, it teaches simple methods and strategies for building your inner strength; developing Mindfulness; challenging and changing negative thoughts or behaviours; and valuable confidence building training techniques to help improve your self-esteem. The key is to provide you with the right specialist support and coaching at the right time. This will enable you to take one step at a time as you face your challenges, and so supports you fully, as you progress at a comfortable pace along your emotional journey.

With this winning formula you can really begin to have faith in your abilities and capabilities; learn how to feel good about yourself; enjoy your relationships, and increase your wellbeing, with a greater confidence, just as so many of my dedicated clients have successfully discovered, time and time again!

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Depression may include a combination of symptoms:

  • Negative Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Reduced Energy and Vitality
  • Feelings of Sadness, Hoplessness or Pessimism
  • Recurring Thoughts of Death or Suicide
  • Decreased Focus and Concentration
  • Heightened Anxiety and Obsession

The easy-to-apply methods and skills you will learn through this therapy and empowerment coaching process will help you to break away from the relentless treadmill of depression.

                     Cognitive Therapy for Depression – For Adults and Teenagers

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Depression and Recovery 

Empowerment Coaching for DepressionBy using this mindfulness-based cognitive therapy approach, along with Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy,  it teaches you how to redirect your attentional  resources away from ruminative thinking within Depression. It also enables you to learn how to relate to your existing experiences from a different perspective. The powerful techniques within Transformational Hypnotherapy,  allow you to  safely review events from your past, so that you can better understand the negative emotional pain  you connected to them. With this understanding, you have the power to be able to reframe the events, and then release yourself from the emotional pain they caused you completely.  This provides you with a strong foundation on which to create and maintain, a renewed belief in yourself, and encourages you to develop present moment awareness. With these valuable tools you can learn how to take yourself out of automatic pilot (your negative reaction to your experience), and master new amazing ways to respond.

The Journey of Recovery for Depression, does not have to be long or difficult. But it is very important to be aware, that each session requires for you to be determined and committed, to work through to the end of your programme. Each session is structured, and will provide you with simple but powerfully effective exercises for helping you feel good again. They will also help you to learn how to prevent a relapse, so you can become the happier, calmer and healthier person you long to be.

These Empowerment Coaching sessions give you the freedom to create new exciting experiences that allow you to bring out the amazingness in you. So you can continue to grow and evolve. Enabling you to be more energised, and motivated to  take the steps you choose to take in which to reach your goals, and to maintain a positive and calm attitude throughout.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Depression Relief, and Anxiety Management, using Powerful Coaching Techniques and Methods


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy- Depression Treatment for Teenagers

confidence_building_for_teenagersFor Help with Children who have Depression, Anxiety and Low self esteem, please contact me for further information, as this is part of  my Anxiety2Amazing® Programme for Young People which also incorporates   Family Coaching 

The Depression Therapy I offer for Children and Teenagers between 8 years old and onwards,  provides effective motivational methods and strategies for  building Mental Happiness. It helps to establish a practical framework for building self-esteem and challenging and changing distorted thinking as well as learning how to create healthy relationships inside and outside the family environment, by creating open communication which nurtures understanding, growth and balance.

Qualified and Experienced Therapist

Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Anxiety Management & Confidence Building Training

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