Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

Clinical Hypnotherapy Services and Positive Visualisation


An Amazing Journey That gets Remarkable Results Fast

Clinical Hypnotherapy services and the amazing skills of NLP and Positive Visualisation can really help you change your life for the better. Learn how you can free yourself from those blocks to success and happiness, and to allow your true strengths and potential to be unleashed.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Almost everyone at some point in their life has had difficulty with changing habitual patterns of behaviour. Once a certain ‘behaviour’ or habit has been learned, the subconcious has a tendency to resist change, so even when you try to force change, you may find that resistance gets greater. It is a bit like having a naughty child in your head who resents pressure or force and constantly rebels against changes.

When the subconscious mind becomes crowded with negative or distructive brain messages, it can be incredibly difficult to stay in a positive frame of mind. So it is important that you learn new skills in neutralising the harmful effects of stress and anxiety, and building new responses and reactions that help to strengthen and fortify your nervous systems. These skills will teach you to replace and reframe old mind scripts which will enable you to expand possibilities for change in a profound and positive way.

These Clinical Hypnotherapy Services give you the opportunity to discover the power of your own imagination. When the subconscious is relaxed, it becomes accessible for change. Belief plays an important role in Hypnotherapy. Just as belief plays an important role in behaviour patterns, it also determines whether you succeed or fail, whether you are are happy or sad, whether you are well or unwell. Understanding the powerful formula within the hypnotherapy process is so important to your success. Imagination leads to belief, and in turn leads to expectation and conviction, regardless of the conscious desire. So the greater the positive presence of these ingredients the greater probability of reaching your desired goal. Hypnotherapy helps you to work through any subconscious blocks so you can release them safely and reclaim your power of choice with renewed confidence.

Once you are free from your old emotional patterns, you can start to cope with and manage those changes more freely, and gain greater personal fulfilment. This also gives you a renewed inner strength which effectively penetrates and dissolves any unwanted defences, making you even stronger, more confident and supremely energised, allowing you to step through the other side, to FREEDOM.

Cognitive Behavioural Coach and Therapist
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Visualisation Therapy

One of the greatest powers we have is the power of Visualisation. We all know how visualisation in the negative sense works, especially during moments of high anxiety or irrational fear, but in the positive sense, it can be immensely helpful in generating motivation for change.

Some people are naturally more visual than others, but the techniques I offer will help you to use your visualisation more effectively, and by using your imagination in this way, you will be able to incorporate all of your senses into mentally creating or rehearsing the desired changes you wish to make in your life. Positive Visualisation gives you a full sensory experience which provides you with a working visionary plan of what you need to do, and how you need to put it into action, when making that positive difference in your life. This effectively reinforces that ‘feel good’ factor within. And the more clearly distinctive those visualisations are in your mind, the more passionately committed you will be in pursuing them.

So if you have a negative habitual, behaviour you wish to change, training your visualisation in the positive sense, can provide a very effective tool in making that positive difference in your life. Generating Positive Emotional Energy, helps to counter negativity, and allows you to become the leader, and not the follower of your emotions.

Cathy McCarney  –Tel: 07970 947024 

I also offer FREE Mentoring in between therapy sessions to provide extra support and encouragement as you progress through your pathway.

High quality therapy service for Coventry, Kenilworth and Warwickshire


Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a revolutionary approach to improving personal potential by creating new possibilities of thinking, feeling, and acting, which ultimately help you develop a positive mental attitude.

You will learn:

  • How to formulate the personal goals you wish to achieve
  • Eliminate fears through Anxiety Management
  • Confidence Techniques to help you create the confidence you desire
  • How to develop a strong positive mental attitude, and increase motivation
  • Improve your personal performance, whether in business, academics, sports, or lifestyle accomplishments.
  • How to overcome self-defeating behaviours
  • How to develop satisfying relationships
  • How to create calm with an effective NLP Stress Management technique
  • Powerful and effective visualisation therapy and relaxation techniques

Change happens all around us naturally, yet sometimes we temporarily forget that we can change our own mental programmes too; we create our own excuses about how we can’t make those necessary life changes, which then limit our performance, and cause us to lose confidence in our capabilities.

NLP can help you create a more compelling future, and puts you back in charge of your motivation. You will begin to discover how your brain works, and how you can easily change negative thought processes, and actions, which once held you back in life.

The exercises used in NLP have been used to help millions of others achieve greater success in making that real positive difference in their life – and you too can benefit from these simple exercises, and learn how to master these techniques with maximum results, if you devotedly channel them in to your daily routines.

With the powerful skills of NLP, you can achieve whatever you want!

Contact Cathy – Tel: 07970 947024 


Deep Relaxation Techniques

By learning relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing exercises, you can begin to understand the workings of your body. You can increase your energy and gain tremendous control over any pain or stress-related symptoms you may be suffering. Breathing is one of the most powerful body processes, known to help diminish pain or suffering, and strengthen your natural healing system. By positively aligning your mental atitude and personal health habits with your body’s own natural healing system, you are more likely to enjoy greater health.

A peaceful mind creates a relaxed, healthy body and contributes to a more harmonious internal environment, in which your body’s healing system can work smoothly and efficiently. A combined mind-body approach, is the best strategy for reversing and overcoming any stress related symptoms like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, low self esteem and confidence or even jealousy or pain.

Remember, your mind, body and spirit are all inter-connected – The thought comes first, then your body responds, which subsequently initiates an emotion within. So when you change the thought, you ultimately change the response!

With the combination of these Clinical Hypnotherapy Services and NLP techniques, you will be able to connect and communicate with your subconscious in a more relaxed and comfortable manner. It enables you to change your perceptions and encourages a more realistic and positive approach in the way you think. It also enables you to develop better coping skills by improving your confidence and visualising new ways of doing things, opening up new opportunities or pathways, which help you to free yourself from any obstacles, and encourage you to move forward in a positive direction.


Qualified and Experienced Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

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