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Anxiety Therapy for Adults – Anxiety2Amazing®


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anxiety therapyThis Anxiety Therapy Programme uses the revolutionary methods of Empowerment Coaching to enable you to unlock your own capacity for inner peace, creativity, well-being and resilience.

Anxiety Therapy through empowerment coaching provides you with the opportunity to work from your strengths. And to learn how to better understand and let go of the resistance to your feelings, and the emotional reactions attached to them. To discover more quickly, the skills and strategies you need, to master the skill of rewiring your thought processes, challenge and change limiting beliefs, and greatly decrease and master the symptoms of fear and anxiety at every level.   

The power and effectiveness of empowerment coaching in this anxiety therapy programme, gives you the tools to work from your strengths and supports you in releasing yourself from those negative patterns of behaviour. This positive programming is a crucial step on your path to a greater self-confidence, which will allow you to create inspiring opportunities and experiences that will guide you effortlessly closer to your desired goals.


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Transformational Hypnotherapy is also part of this Anxiety Therapy which gives you the opportunity to attend to past situations safely and easily. This enables you to better understand the reasons for your ‘stuckness’ and gives you back the power to release yourself fully from the shackles of the past. It is the power of the understanding within this transformational hypnotherapy which works from the core to give you the cure.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024

The Anxiety2Amazing® Programme for Adults

Anxiety management for adultsThis anxiety therapy programme consists of 6 powerful sessions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Empowerment Coaching methods, provide you with the practical steps towards connecting with your creative mind, achieving inner freedom from negative thought patterns and behaviours, transforming your emotions and developing new effective ways to think and feel and do things.

As you become more adept at being more mindful of your reactions in certain situations,  anxiety management becomes so much easier. This is an important part of your journey of self-empowerment, in which you can successfully find your own effective, personal level of Resilience and Calm. 

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024

 I know this anxiety therapy process works. Because not only  have I used all these techniques successfully myself, but many of my clients have used them successfully too. You can read their successes on my Testimonial Page


Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Transformational Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach

FaceTime and Skype Sessions Available by appointment if needed.

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