Anxiety Stress Programme for Men

Mental Happiness for MenAnxiety Stress Programme for Men 

The Breakthrough


If you are a man who has been suffering from Anxiety Stress, depression, mental distress, or suicidal thoughts and feel afraid of discussing it openly, for fear of being judged or seen as “weak”…..Then this Anxiety Stress Programme for Men is the way forward for you, because it works purely from your Strengths. There is no hidden agenda here, just a safe place in which you can openly discuss your difficulties without fear of vulnerability or judgement. And to provide you with powerful coaching methods, that allow you to gain a clearer understanding of the root cause of the stress itself, and to teach you the mechanisms for safely removing the repressed energy behind the negative feelings.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024

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How this Programme Helps You

However Anxiety Stress has effected your own wellbeing, This programme is designed specifically for Men,  and uses Empowerment Coaching techniques. alongside Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  and Transformational Hypnotherapy.   It gives you the chance to confidently and safely witness, slow down, explore, and better understand the way your mind and body works. It allows you to learn new effective ways of surrendering negative feelings, without suppressing or repressing them. This enables you to stop identifying with them and gives you a safe space to challenge and release the more damaging manifestations of anxiety stress and mental distress, so you can discover the greater strength and resilience that has been hidden beneath it.

This Anxiety Stress Programme for Men is your extraordinary opportunity for self-understanding, self-growth and evolution. The results are swift, yet subtle if you follow the programme through to the end, but the effects are very powerful.  Leading you to the breakthrough, that dislodges you from the toxic crisis state, and invites you to rebuild your life through empowerment. As you become free of negative drives you are no longer the victim of depression or anxiety, a whole new process of inner transformation unfolds, Which ultimately strengthens your health and wellbeing  and brings you a higher sense of inner contentment and freedom, so you can be proud to be YOU and be excited about where you are going in life.

Discover your Breakthrough with this Anxiety Stress programme for Men, so you can Believe in You again!

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024

How Negative Stress Impacts the Body

Anxiety Stress impacts the body as well as the mind, and the effects of this negative stress and how it manifests in you as an individual, will dictate how you react to it. You may have been feeling overwhelmed, or found yourself having more stress than you can cope with at times, and this may result in the very visible behaviour of Anger, such as shouting, hitting out or invading personal space. Or using substances like drugs or alcohol to help numb the feelings and lower inhibitions.

Excessive Anxiety Stress may cause you to feel somewhat depressed, leading you to feel more down than usual, more tired, more hopeless, especially when things are repeatedly not going too well for you. This may cause you to use negative self-talk like “I feel worthless”, “pointless”, “not good enough”.

Excessive work or life pressures may cause you to feel more worried about things, which increases the anxiety stress. You may find yourself suppressing your feelings and emotions so as not to show others how you feel, but this can cause you to shut people out and isolate yourself. Sometimes this can activate more deeper emotions, like suicidal thoughts.

Free Consultation: Contact Cathy HERE or ring 07970947024

Mental Happiness for Men 2Physical Fitness Programmes

This programme offers an holistic approach to Mind, Body and Spirit and if you wish, you can choose to add in some physical fitness training alongside it, which can be adapted to your own individual needs. Our physical fitness trainers are highly skilled at designing individual training routines, that will help you improve and strengthen your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Fitness at every level. When you Register, you will have exclusive membership to The Believe in You© Community, as well as Members Only Access to your own unique personal journal, through our programme’s new e-learning platform.

Learn more by contacting Cathy on 07970947024

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