Anger Management

Anger Management Skills and Techniques

Anger Management Skills and Techniques

In this Anger Management programme, you will undertake a journey of exploration that teaches you specific techniques to aid self-calm. We will work with the interventions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you understand the workings of the mind. But we will also be using Empowerment Coaching, to help to inspire and encourage change which promotes healthy responses.  Though the methods and strategies you will learn here will be slightly different than the old traditional ones.

Your mental constructs of the world can change through life, depending on the beliefs you have developed over time.  Better Anger Management skills begin by giving you back the power of self-responsibility and a positive feeling of adaquecy. Ideally working with your strengths, so you can begin to feel more empowered.

Working with your spiritual growth will help you attain a clearer understanding of the energy of your anger. Allowing you to seek out where those needs and beliefs have got your stuck. While learning how to stop feeding into the constant chatter of the mind, can certainly assist you in bringing a calmer approach to things. 

Both Mindfulness and Empowerment Coaching techniques, enable you to learn how to express your anger in a healthier, more positive manner. Enabling you to completely free yourself from victim mode. Instead of suppressing or Repressing emotions, you will be able to open up and clear the blocks that once created suffering. Old destructive feelings and attitudes will be released, making way for new empowering ones that build your confidence again. Most importantly, you will notice the tension easing, and your perception of yourself and the world, changing for the better.  In this state of inner freedom, you will be able to build healthy relationships again; at home, work, and in all social situations.

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Building Confidence


Your anger might actually feel as though or appear to define you as a person, but it doesn’t really. Anger is just a behaviour, and you are much more than your behaviour. You can choose to change the behaviour rather than allow it to rule your life. So Confidence Building and Anxiety Management will also be an important part of this therapy to help you to improve your self-esteem and build your confidence.

This empowerment coaching process helps you to get into the right state for change. Teaching you how to respond from a place of connection to sensations, rather than reacting from a disconnected thought or experience. As you do this, you will generate and strengthen new beliefs. Motivating you further towards achieving your goals in expressing your emotions more healthily. Just as so many of my other dedicated clients have achieved in managing their own anger issues successfully.

Anger Management Therapist and Coach
Anger Management Techniques for the Individual and the Family
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