Anger Management

Anger Management Skills and techniques


Anger Management Skills and TechniquesAnger Management teaches you specific techniques to aid self-calm. It is part of the Anxiety2Amazing Programme. And it uses powerful Anger Reduction Methods and Anger Management Techniques, which enable you to learn how to develop and maintain new, positive ways of reacting and responding. Mindfulness and Empowerment Coaching methods, enable you to learn how to express your anger in a healthier, more positive manner. So you can build healthy relationships at home, at work, and in all social situations.

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These Anger Management Skills and Techniques are for everyone – They are for you, as a single parent who is experiencing times of extreme stress and you feel thoroughly isolated with nowhere to turn for much needed support. They are for you in a relationship where one person is more dominant than the other. Especially if you are facing many arguments or disruptive behaviour patterns. They are for you if you are finding your Anger directed at someone at work or towards something inconvenient within your work or outside environment. They are for you if your Teenage Son or Daughter is causing you great concern with their erratic and uncontrollable behaviour. Whatever the problem, you may be desperate for some advice and support to help you cope.

Whichever way you are affected by Anger and Stress, you will be able  to reach your desired level of success. Creating calm and establishing better Problem-Solving Skills. You will also be able to explore and understand your personal triggers. So as you learn better coping skills and strategies,  you discover how to express your Anger more healthily, and bring a much needed Calm and Balanced approach to your life.

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Building Confidence

Anger_management_techniquesYour anger might actually feel as though, or appear to define you as a person, but it doesn’t really. Anger is just a behaviour, and you are much more than your behaviour. You can choose to change the behaviour rather than allow it to rule your life. So Confidence Building and Anxiety Management will also be an important part of this therapy to help you to improve your self-esteem and build your confidence.

This empowerment coaching  process helps you to get into the right state for change and teaches you how to respond from a place of connection to sensations, rather than reacting from a disconnected thought or experience. As you do this, you will generate and strengthen new beliefs, which will motivate you further towards achieving your goals in expressing your emotions more healthily. Just as so many of my other dedicated clients have achieved their goals in managing their anger issues successfully.

Anger Management Therapist and Coach
Anger Management Techniques for the Individual and the Family
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