Addictive Behaviour Treatments

Addictive Behaviour Treatments

Addictive Behaviour Treatments

 The Addictive Behaviour Treatments used in this therapy process involve the combined elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy. A powerful four-in-one therapy approach as part of the Addiction Behaviour Treatment Plan. 

This process enables you to learn effective stress management techniques with a range of confidence techniques and cognitive strategies.  Teaching you how to use your mind in powerful and productive ways. While replacing old disempowering beliefs, with new empowering ones that help you develop positive, healthier habits successfully.

Decide to make today the day you change your life for the better.

The Ultimate Goal for Building new Healthy Habits

This dynamic approach allows you to achieve the level of emotional freedom you wish for. It offers a range of powerful addictive behaviour treatments, which enable you to successfully make those necessary changes you want in your life.  With your commitment and determination, you will be able to make new decisions and choices. Therefore allowing you to create the freedom and confidence you want and to generate success.

The Essence of Empowerment Coaching is to help you get into the right state for change. With this in mind, it empowers you to build a new vision for yourself that will help you to be more focused and inspired.  Each skill and method you learn within these addictive behaviour treatments, give you the powerful coping strategies you need to move forward.

It is not the techniques alone which help you to make those changes, but what you do with them. So taking action and putting these techniques into practice on a daily basis, will provide you with the powerful results you want to achieve.

 Understanding the Nature of Addictive Behaviours 

Addictive Behaviours

The most basic emotional problems, which often propel you to use drugs or alcohol excessively or to develop addictive behaviours – are anxiety, depression and guilt.

Some activities seem so normal, that you may find it hard to believe that someone can be addicted to them. But you can if the cycle of addiction takes over, and it can make every day of your life a constant struggle. Also, the desire to experience a high from the behaviour can become so strong, that you find it difficult to disengage from the activity. Despite the negative consequences it brings.

These behaviours can also create considerable distress for you when you want to stop. Often causing irrational ways of thinking, which can put immense pressure on family members and partners. Not to mention creating trust issues that arise when you try to cover things up.

It also may be difficult for you to admit to yourself, or to anyone else that you have an addiction. So understanding the stages of change will help you to build more compassion in yourself. Thus clearing the way for possible support and treatment.

When the nature of compulsive behaviour of any kind is understood, then so is the successful means for dealing with it. This is where Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – in conjunction with Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy – provide a powerful treatment for change.  At the same time, you will learn how to better understand the danger signs of the addictive process.

Some other things you will learn:

  • What causes the mind to pull you into engaging in the behaviour
  • What emotions cause you to become more dependent on the behaviour as a means of coping with situations or feelings
  • Recognising your fears and releasing the blocks
  • Powerful ways in which to disengage from the incessant chatter of the mind
  • How to create change and freeing yourself from the addictive behaviours
  • How to build your self-care and self-love. So you can really believe in yourself
  • What new challenges you can engage in, which stimulate your mental and spiritual growth and move you towards unconditional happiness

Now is the time to allow yourself the FREEDOM you deserve!

The duration of time a person has been compulsive, or used drugs or alcohol – as well as the amount taken – has a decided effect on the severity of the symptoms that a person experiences. The understanding of the mind-body relationship is imperative in dealing with the stress ‘symptoms’ involved. Effectively, by changing the thought patterns, you can readily change the symptoms.

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Addiction and Addictive Behaviour Treatments in Warwickshire

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