Addictive Behaviour Treatments

Addictive Behaviour Treatments


Breaking Habits and Overcoming Addictions

Addictive Behaviour Treatments This Cognitive Based Therapy  provides effective Addictive Behaviour Treatments for all ages. It uses the combined elements of Psychotherapy; NLP; (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy. A powerful four-in-one therapy approach using the Anxiety2Amazing Programme. This process enables you to learn effective stress management techniques with a range of confidence techniques and cognitive strategies.  Discover how you can use your mind in powerful and productive ways, so you can manage your unwanted habits successfully.


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This dynamic approach allows you to achieve the level of emotional freedom you wish for. Powerful addictive behaviour treatments will enable you to successfully make those necessary changes you want in your life.  With your commitment and determination, you will be able to make new decisions and choices, which will enable you to create the freedom and confidence you want, to generate success.

The Essence of Coaching, is to help you get into the right state for change. To build up a new vision for yourself and what you can achieve, so that you feel relaxed and in control.  Each skill and method you learn within these addictive behaviour treatments, give you the powerful coping strategies you need to move forward more confidently.

It is not the techniques alone though, which help you to make those changes, but what you do with them. So taking action and putting these techniques into practice on a daily basis, will provide you with the powerful results you want to achieve.

 Cathy McCarney DCBT DCH MAEPH
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Addictive Behaviour Treatments in Warwickshire
Therapy sessions are held in Kenilworth,  and also in Bedworth (Nr Coventry)


Understanding the Nature of Addictive Behaviours 

Addictive BehavioursThe most basic emotional problems, which can often propel you to use drugs or alcohol excessively or to develop an addictive behaviour – are anxiety, depression and guilt.

When the nature of compulsive behaviour of any kind, is understood, then so is the successful means for dealing with it. Which is why I continue to maintain and express that using both the powerful methods of Clinical Hypnotherapy Services and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Addiction Coaching, is the the most powerful, safest, successful, and most uncomplicated method of treatment for this kind of behaviour, where you learn new confidence techniques, stress anxiety management and techniques and strategies for improving self esteem.

Allow yourself the FREEDOM you deserve!

The duration of time a person has been compulsive or used drugs or alcohol, as well as the amount taken, has a decided effect on the severity of the symptoms that a person experiences. The understanding of the mind-body relationship is imperative in dealing with the stress ‘symptoms’ involved. Effectively, by changing the thought patterns, you can readily change the symptoms.

Psychotherapist, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Addiction and Addictive Behaviour Treatments in Warwickshire
Contact Cathy – Tel: 07970 947024

Decide to make today the day you change your life for the better.

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