The Art of Qigong for Anxiety and Depression

The Art of Qigong – For Anxiety and Depression


Both Anxiety and Depression can interfere with your ability to cope with normal daily activities. It can also affect your energy and your mood and leave you feeling trapped and hopeless. But did you know that understanding the true nature of energy, is central to the practice of self-healing and inner calm?

Through the ancient art of Qigong, you can learn how to unblock stored, stagnant energy in the body and harmonise the mind and body as a whole.

Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) involves slow, flowing, circular movements which offer you great health benefits. It introduces you to a unique way of thinking and being, by working with your own energy field. Simple exercises assist in improving emotional balance and self-awareness. So, relieving stress and bringing deep calmness to your mind while the body is in motion.

The basic translation for the Chinese word “Qi” is “Energy” or “Breath”, and “gong” meaning “work”.

As you work through your own therapy process, you will learn some essential Qigong movements according to your own needs. Allowing you to balance and harmonise your mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual experiences in your daily routine.

Overall, a simple step-by-step method for transforming agitated, stagnant energy into resilience.

Creating a Healthy Flow of Energy

The entire process of holding on and letting go is just an amazing part of the continuous unfolding rhythm of life. Just like breathing, or how you begin your day and how you get up. The many ways in which you communicate with others. The process of digesting food.  Even how you react or respond to things. All of these involve the process of holding on and letting go.

The thing is, disturbances of any kind, whether in nature or within the body, arise and subside naturally. Anxiety, worry, and fear make you feel tense. And when that tension sets in, your own ability to feel what is happening within your body becomes blocked. Making it exceedingly difficult to know how tense you really are. Whatever you experience from those inner disturbances, are just part of the inner and outer energetic field. Every human being is a field of energy.

As you learn to work with your energy in a unique way, you become more able to step past the resistance of mind and embrace the more expansive and healthy flow of your body’s true energy field. Which in turn increases your stamina, your confidence, and your inner strength.

The Healing Aspects of Qigong

Working with the internal and external energy around you through the art of Qigong, is your own unique and special journey towards healthier and more vibrant energy fields.

There are no age limits, as all the movements are slow, gentle, and low impact. The more you practice, the more health and wellbeing benefits you will incur. It’s invigorating, easy to learn, and you will only need to put aside 10 or 15 minutes a day to practice.

Book your own anxiety therapy or depression therapy with me today, and you will learn specialised Qigong movements adapted to your own needs, so you can let go of those suppressed emotions and fears for good.