Sue L

You really helped me to work though my beliefs as they stood at the very beginning of therapy, and to focus on the possibility of looking at my past in a new alternative way. This helped me make sense of my experiences and my situation and to keep in my mind my own reasons for wanting to change.Everything was so well structured so I could see how my sessions were mapping out, as well as how I was progressing. You were immensely supportive and helped me to build my vision and aspirations with tangible goals which enabled me to learn new skills and gave me purpose and direction. It was really beneficial knowing that I had the optional free mentoring sessions available between sessions if I needed them. So thank you Cathy, for giving me your valuable time, as well as in sharing your knowledge and your warmth, it has been a very positive and inspirational path for me. Your sessions helped me to believe in myself, and enabled me to grow in strength and confidence.