Soozy S.

I was exceptionally lucky to discover Cathy back in March 2009 (aged 51) when she greatly helped me to overcome some life-long issues I’d had with low self-esteem and trust. This was as a result of an abusive childhood, losing my mother as a toddler, having a schizophrenic father who was in and out of mental institutions, surviving a children’s home, and bringing myself up/surviving from the age of 15 years old. After finally freeing myself of my demons, Cathy helped me get to a much happier and healthier place.

Fast forward 8 years, now aged 59, I felt I needed some ‘tweaking’ to iron out some anxieties I was experiencing with some multiple osteopathic surgeries that I’d had to have due to osteoarthritis of various joints. These surgeries had forced me into early retirement, and subsequently into a bit of depression and a dent in my feelings of self-worth.

I was extremely lucky to find out Cathy was still practising, as she was my first port of call in supporting me through this challenging situation! And I am most appreciative of her genuine kindness, patience and gentle approach, in helping me to believe in myself again and to move forward more confidently. I will always greatly admire her as a therapist and empowerment coach. She is an individual of the highest calibre both professionally and personally. With qualities that make her a competent and professional practitioner  I would highly recommend her to others in need of support and guidance.

Thank you Cathy