Miles P.

I contacted Cathy in early 2021, in the midst of the lockdown. I felt at rock bottom, struggling with anxiety and obsessive behaviours, some of which were based around the pandemic. I was also struggling with self confidence and a lack of understanding in myself. This was impacting family life, my relationship and my work. To add to that, I had just lost a family member to Covid which added a whole other bunch of emotions into the mix. Cathy was able to help me understand the causes and the reasons for my feelings and behaviours and then address them directly, allowing me to make healthy changes. She taught me how to handle challenging situations and emotions. Her communication is incredible, even over video call which can be challenging. Everytime we spoke, I felt incredibly well heard. My anxiety and obsessive behaviour is now under control. My family life and relationship have never been stronger. My outlook is positive. Every day presents new challenges. However, thanks to Cathy I now have the tools to deal with those challenges. Thank you!