Michael and Christel Stenson – Parents,

Our Daughter had been diagnosed with Separation Disorder and School Phobia through CAHMS and she was put on the waiting list for therapy, but we felt that we could not wait the 15 months it took to get an appointment.

We found Cathy through a Google search whilst looking for a professional that could support our daughter and ourselves. Cathy was always a very positive and  calming influence on our daughter, and our daughter learned to takes things one step at a time. She was given achievable goals and taught new tools and techniques to enable her to overcome the daily panic without the use of medication.

We saw a marked improvement after just 4 sessions. Our daughter took all Cathy’s suggestions and techniques to heart and slowly gained some confidence, her school attendance rose from 45% to 70%.

When our daughter had a bit of relapse we were able to access the unique mentoring process available in between sessions, which helped support our daughter through any recurring difficult situations.

Dr Youakim, at CAHMS was very complimentary of Cathy’s methods and we feel that without Cathy’s interventions, our daughters recovery would have been a much longer process. We can definitely recommend Cathy’s skills in this area.