Maddie S.

Thank you so much for the work we did during my Hypnotherapy session recently. For years I found myself  constantly feeling as though I was not good enough, and it wasn’t until it nearly cost me my life, that I realised I had to do something about it!That’s when I called you, Cathy for help! The Hypnotherapy techniques you used were truly powerful!  And the results were amazing! It helped me deal with a number of issues I had long since buried after suffering a major setback in my 20’s!  Now, For the first time in decades, I feel free! Finally I have been able to resolve and release myself from  all the inner conflicts and resistances in my mind. And it’s been profoundly beneficial in helping me make better decisions, to embrace my unique qualities and strengths, and most importantly to value myself and be proud of who I am!! I know this sounds a bit cliché, but I cannot express my sincere gratitude and thanks  to you in introducing this amazing therapy approach to me! It has genuinely changed the way I live my life now! The freedom and inner peace this has given me is just truly illuminating!