James A

I just want to say a huge thanks for helping me adjust back to civilian life, after coming home injured from Afghanistan. Your therapy programme helped me immensely in shedding my anger and fears, and I can’t thank you enough for being so kind, and so patient, especially at a time when I thought I would never get through such feelings of extreme anxiety and despair.

You helped put me back in charge of my motivation, and that in itself was a fantastic achievement for me, especially since I believed at the beginning that there was nothing to feel motivated about. But you helped me to recognise that motivation is a skill you can relearn, and that there are ways of replacing fear, which allow you to do things more comfortably. I am now able to understand and challenge my anger, and I can turn frustrating situations into opportunities. Thanks to your excellent guidance Cathy, my life has completely turned around, and you were right, it really was an amazing journey. I just needed to believe in myself again. It wasn’t easy, but you taught me how to reach my potential whatever difficulty I faced, and that was profoundly powerful and empowering. So thank you, thank you, thank you!