Andrew B.

I have confessed in the past to be a bit of a workaholic and I also lacked self-confidence. Then when I experienced Burnout recently, I knew I needed some help in recovery, and moving forward from this more healthily. I was blown away by the positive changes I was able to make through  Hypnotherapy, which Cathy integrated into my Therapy Sessions. It paved the way for better self-nurturing, and for me saying ‘No’ more often, instead of constantly pleasing everyone, and wanting them to approve of me, and recognise my worth!!

I hadn’t realised the conflicts and resistances I had held onto for so long had become so ingrained, which led me to constantly trying to protect myself and masking my true feelings! Once I understood what they were and resolved and released the issues, I suddenly found I had a voice again, and I could use it more effectively! The confidence gained from the amazing techniques and strategies Cathy applied motivated me in to making a major career decision. And I am now in a much better place, in a completely different job which I feel totally inspired in and feeling utterly amazing. So thank you so much for helping me become more enlightened Cathy. And be assured, that I am highly recommending your services to colleagues and friends.