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Transformative Change

Have you ever come into contact with those people who don’t take time to really listen and hear what you are saying when in conversation? They are often so busy thinking about what they want to say next, or constantly interrupting and being negative, that they only hear what they want to hear and zone out everything else.

What about those others who may also be very quick to criticise you, and make negative judgements towards any efforts you put into your creative ideas and aspirations.

Instead of coming from a positive higher self, these people are often stuck in their own past, unable to see through their own pain. Taking their frustration out on you through judgement, punishment, criticism, and blame. This then becomes unhelpful rules that they live and work by, in order to “survive.” But being on the receiving end of this behaviour can have a toxic impact on your own Mind Health and wellbeing, especially if this is happening on a regular basis, causing you to feel self-doubt and unease.

Does this sound familiar to you? Or do you also find your own inner critic echoing those external critics, and influencing how you feel about yourself? This can cause you to suppress or repress emotions within. Maybe this is what is holding your Creative Power back, making you hesitant and putting you off making a start?

 With a greater understanding of your own internal environment, you can interrupt the pattern of your own reactions, and pause, take a step back, and reflect on how they impact on your own Mind Health. This way you can advance your own understanding from a different perspective. And promptly catch yourself before you go “unconscious”

Unconscious Power mode is when you give power ‘unconsciously’ to automatic negative thoughts and behaviour from MIND. These then influence how you think and feel and do things.

When you demonstrate change, you must be prepared to surrender these and choose to come from the higher self -Conscious Power Mode – which is an elevated state of mind and body from the core of your being, that comes from love, inspiration, enthusiasm, joy and fun.

When you come from Conscious Power Mode, you become more aware of how negative thought patterns or the toxic behaviour of others affect you. By taking full responsibility of your reactions, you soon discover new ways to promptly catch yourself, before you go ‘unconscious’, by asking yourself these following questions:

  • How am I doing right now?
  • Am I in “Conscious Power Mode” or “Unconscious Power Mode” of myself and the situation?
  • What or who am I reacting to?
  • How can I respond to this differently, so I don’t get stuck in the same negative way of being and doing?

Remember – Change begins with you

Many people are afraid to show vulnerability as it threatens “insecurity”. Yet showing vulnerability gives you the freedom to be your true self, rather than the self you show to others.

To vacate that old insecure self you must recognise, understand, and acknowledge what state of suffering you have consistently memorised, so you can discontinue that part of you which is in “victim mode,” and choose the infinite state of love and self-forgiveness instead of pain.  

Most of us struggle with the idea of letting go. However, letting go of control allows you to get out of your own way and gives you space to observe more, listen more, and hear more. Then you are not stuck in just one way of being and doing things.

What if you could imagine yourself confidently taking care of some of those difficulties you are facing, and organising your life in the way you want? What if you knew without a doubt, that you could rise above the anxiety, the sadness, the fear, and trust in an opportunity, or end-result, that you had not even considered yet? Anything is possible if you expand your mind and accept and believe in your own capacity and capability.

If you have struggled with the concept of letting go and surrendering control, it really helps to explore and understand how you handled past emotional crises and your own resistance beneath it. Behind every experience is a learning experience, which allows you to discover which emotions you had suppressed or repressed within you, and what attitudes and meanings you had attached to them. We can do this safely through the amazing process of Transformational Hypnotherapy.

Once you understand the core of your own resistance more clearly, you are able to acknowledge the hidden gift beneath it and choose to let go of the mechanisms of resistance. As you begin to let go of resistance you are no longer the subject of emotional pain. Out of this, a new meaning arises, which comes from the source of self-love, self-worth, self-care and self-respect. An illuminating exercise that greatly encourages your inner transformation and connects you to your own Creative Power.

Catherine McCarney – Creativity Coach and Transformational Hypnotherapist |Channelling Energies

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