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Own Your Unique Creative Power

Okay, so here you are facing this dilemma in your life. The upside is that you have a nice house, company car, great colleagues, attractive salary, and a generous bonus scheme.  The downside, you work long arduous hours, where you are expected to make yourself available day or night if required.

You are becoming increasingly tired and feel stuck in a rut. Trying desperately to balance your personal life around extended working days that are now desperately lacking in any fulfilment. Add to it, the statistics of a company’s culture that makes no real allowances for Mind and Emotional Health, you are experiencing an increasing lack of interest in the job, as you realise that you are not pursuing the life you so desired.

Warning – Challenge Ahead!

Now here comes the challenge! What would it take for you to Refresh and Redirect your Mind towards designing a completely new future for yourself? How about if you delved into the archives of your Mind and rediscover those old dreams and plans you have long since hidden away? Are you able to summon inspiration at will? Could it be that the source of inspiration is always there? Or do the choices you make in your life, influence how often this creative power is open?

But inspiration is not external, it is within you wherever you go, and you have full access to its power!

Er, Hello? So what are you waiting for? – Ah yes, of course, you want to know how and where to begin. Well, that is simple – By being CREATIVE! We were born with Creativity, but it is just unfortunate that we let other stuff get in the way and consume us.

“So are you ready to woo your Creative Power and set your inspiration alight?”

Consider what would spark your curiosity right now? What hidden desire do you have buried right deep in your soul, that you would love to transfer into the real world? Maybe apprehension or even fear is holding you back. Maybe you are waiting for motivation to kick in? I am sure you could list a whole host of reasons why you are reluctant to make any changes right now.

But time is valuable, not to mention precious, and the time you invest in doing something creative that feeds your soul, will produce amazing results that will have you wanting to do it again and again!

So why not start now? After all, Motivation is all about action – giving something a go by using positive, proactive self-talk – not waiting to feel motivated! So, no excuses! It is time now to slip on your Creative Hat, as you are about to learn how to master a key challenge. To accept responsibility for the way you use your time.

After all, you only have one life and you are living it right now! But if it is not working out the way you planned it, then it is time for action.

“To Create, is to Live!”    

But first of all, you must choose to let go of all those fears and excuses. We all have them! And I can just hear your Mind in its negative state now, chattering away at you, coming up with all those reasons and excuses, why you are not able to be creative or to make it work!

Your Mind has been so used to getting its own way, that you are being exploited by the stuff that you suppress or repress from the past.  Have you become so busy listening to the relentless dialogue in your head, that you have forgotten how to use your creative power to set yourself free? Time for a mind-shift and to amplify that power!

We are here to CREATE!

Imagine being able to completely disengage from Minds relentless chatter. To let go of all that stuff that is built around resistance, and explore more about your inner Creative Power. To trust the process and go beyond the dream. It is all about: gaining insight, igniting desires, harnessing energy, having fun, getting into that positive flow state, having a real purpose, practice and persistence, and most of all PASSION!

You can get all of this just by joining my Creativity Groups for Mind Health. You will not be disappointed! But I can tell you right now, it will definitely need some action on your part. An idea, a dream, a vision, anything! But it will genuinely surprise you as it develops into a whole new way of living.

So come on now! Time to Refocus, Re-energise and Reinvent yourself. The one huge difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that those people who are prepared to go that little bit extra can really make a difference. And that difference is the action you take!

So is your interest piqued yet? Has the thought of making a difference sparked your imagination? Are you ready to walk the talk? It is time to get those creative juices flowing!!

Catherine McCarney – The Creativity Coach and Transformational Hypnotherapist

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