Being an Empath and the Magic of Creativity

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What does it mean to be an empath? I often have parents who contact me with concerns about their young child’s extreme reactions to specific external stimuli. Their little bodies constantly acting like sponges, absorbing other people’s emotional discomfort, which causes them great distress and agitation.

These children are Empaths and are often quiet and gentle in nature, but experience emotions much more intensely than others. They can be highly sensitive to loud noise, harsh lights, strong smells, scratchy or close-fitting clothes, emotive television programmes or excessive busyness.

Too much sensory overload can often trigger panic attacks within an empath. They may even be wrongly perceived as introverted, withdrawn, or labelled as “over-sensitive” and anti-social.  They may even adopt addictive or compulsive behaviours as a way of coping with stress and show bursts of anger, or frustration when they are unable to articulate the cause of their upset. As a result, they may take refuge in retreating into solitude, or suppressing and repressing their emotions, because they feel ashamed of who they are.

“But hidden deep in this little super-powered human being, is a beautiful gift”

An empath’s emotional abilities allow them to appreciate the goodness in things, in a way others can’t. They are surprisingly intuitive and compassionate when they are looking after the well-being of others, as they have big hearts and have a real desire to help people.

An Empath also has a strong connection to nature. They like nothing more than spending time outdoors, or joining causes in preserving the planet.  Nature’s peaceful sounds and its re-energising qualities instantly soothes them. When they are in a place that energetically nourishes them, it inspires their creativity, raises their energy levels, and reinforces their passion.

“What an amazing super-power to have”

Sometimes I will record a special visualisation meditation for my Empath children, based on their favourite walk, or peaceful place. This helps them replenish their energies, and recentres them so they can connect back to their super-power and regain inner calm.

I also teach them easy techniques or strategies to help them protect themselves from sensory overload and provide them with a safe space to develop positive responses to stressful situations.

One of the most favourite visualisations my Empath children love to practice is the “Turning the Dial down on Stress” technique.

I draw a dial on the whiteboard to demonstrate what a dial is and write the numbers 10-zero around the dial, with number 10 right at the top with an arrow pointing to it. Number 10 represents high stress and zero represents calm and peace.  Then I encourage them to close their eyes and imagine turning down the setting on the dial really slowly, starting from 10 .

It is a really useful tool for them, in lowering any stress and discomfort, and gets them back on their own peaceful energy frequency. Plus, it makes them smile!

“Oh, the magical power of creative imagination!”

An empaths’s energy force is their unique excellence, and as it comes from within, nothing can eclipse that light. Their creativity and imagination can transform anything into a thing of beauty, and joy. Because being inspired allows them to explore and be curious so they can tap into their magical source of creative power, and deepen and prolong this wonderful flow state that restores their energy.

I feel blessed to know these little super-powered Empaths. Not just because I am an empath too, but because it has allowed me to discover, that all of these super-powered little human beings have no fear when they are creating. They are truly on the right frequency, and when you spend time with them, their creativity is infectious!

“So come on, join in with us, and find fun in being creative”

Catherine McCarney – The Creativity Coach and Transformational Hypnotherapist

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