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 Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Transformational Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach

Catherine McCarneyI am Cathy McCarney and I am truly passionate about empowering people to Believe in themselves and their abilities. This passion has come through my own personal challenges and professional experiences.

Like many of us, I have wrestled with fear and anxiety myself in the past, fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged, and fear of not having what it takes to succeed in my endeavours.

But I have been lucky to discover the power of resilience, which I somehow managed to tap into without even realising it. It taught me the important lesson of courage. The ability to step beyond my comfort zone and discover strengths I had never even known existed.

I only recognised them fully, after having to deal with a considerable amount of change, emotional pain, disillusionment, and uncertainty in a most difficult time in my life. But through all the falls – and some were more profound than others – this resilience, faith and incredible capability, allowed me to get right back up again, and drove me on to continue my journey forward. It also strengthened and reinforced my own values and beliefs and gave me the courage to never give up, whatever the circumstances. It led me to overcome doubts and take on challenges, that once upon a time I would never have even considered.

The combination of courage and self-belief allowed me to think outside the box. It gave me the ability to push against conventionality Believe in You transformationand to celebrate being extraordinarily different! Suddenly I found myself like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis and discovered the amazing gift of just being uniquely ME. I took a step back and rewrote my story. Giving me the courage to let my creative mind take flight and do the very thing that inspired me.

I had never really considered myself to be a leader, I had never even considered myself to be clever, or ambitious, but incredibly here I am pursuing a dream, making extraordinary connections and embracing a realm of opportunities that are leading me towards an exciting mission, with a powerful mixture of faith and courage thrown in for good measure

Every experience I have now, is an experience that offers me opportunity and purpose. I have learnt to give things a go, just to see what happens, and I am often pleasantly surprised with the result I get.

It is good to remind ourselves that we are all human beings who are always learning. So, whatever challenges come your way in life, remember, all you have to do is discover and accept that you have all the strength courage and wisdom within you, to engage with them, embrace them and deal with them confidently. ……To Believe in YOU!

After my training and qualifications as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and Transformational Hypnotherapist, I learnt and developed new skills in Empowerment Coaching, which has become the driving force of my business. It has given me amazing opportunities to work with the most wonderful inspirational people, whose strengths continually surprise and humble me. 


Cathy McCarney Tel: 07970947024


Empowerment Programmes 

In 2016 I created a new Programme, The Anxiety2Amazing Programme, which took me a year to develop to a high standard. I feel a great passion towards this programme, because it comes from my soul. I launched the programme in 2017, and I am very proud of it and the successful results it brings for both young people and adults.  So much so, that I am continually learning from my clients as I go along, and my programme just keeps growing and evolving.  New projects are opening up all around it, new ideas keep making shape, new opportunities for Communities to get involved.

In 2019 I created another new programme called Believe in You.  It is a powerful interactive programme created just for Women.  It  supports women in improving their resilience and endurance, in a way that is empowering and liberating, so they can feel FABULOUS from the inside out.  It  not only shows them the key to rewiring their own thought processes and becoming the very best version of themselves, but it also includes physical exercise and nutrition coaching. This programme is in the process of being added to a brand new e-learning platform, which is a thoroughly exciting new venture that incorporates The Mental Happiness Project, and a whole realm of exciting new programmes, events and activities.

The Passion that Drives Me

When I was very young I suffered from acute anxiety myself, and faced many challenges. In those days there were not therapists like myself around who you could turn to for help.  So I had to learn to deal with them myself. I became determined that those challenges would not stop me doing the things I wanted to do in my life.  And although my anxieties were always there, I have been honoured to know and work with some inspirational mentors, who were invaluable to me at the time. This enabled me to build my own self confidence, from which enabled me to build some wonderful experiences and opportunities, that allowed me to grow and evolve in my own right.

In fact, I have had to face some of my greatest challenges even more recently in my own life. Challenges which have massively tested my own Mental Happiness and Resilience in many ways. Those life experiences gave me a powerful insight into how important emotional freedom was in going forward. They enabled me to not just be truly compassionate and empathetic of my own clients challenges, but to have a true understanding of their anxieties and experiences first-hand. 

Over the last 20 years of working as a psychotherapist, I can now say that where I am now, and what I do, is even more powerful and meaningful than before.  The Anxiety2Amazing Programme itself,  is a revolutionary intervention which uses Empowerment Coaching at the very front, and introduces powerful methods of change through Transformational Hypnotherapy.  And there are more empowering programmes to come yet, all of which will be added to a new interactive e-learning platform, which will provide inspiration for self-development and empowerment  for children, women and men, to believe in themselves. 

My Mission

My Mission, is to inspire and empower people of all ages, and to make the Mental Happiness Project a truly exciting and expanding venture with a powerful legacyThere is no Greater Guarantee of a more competent and confident you, than when you are moving towards your dreams, goals and passions, with a stronger self-belief. The results this project produces are the testament to its own success…..…..I am proud of Creating Champions who are equally proud to say “It’s Okay to be Me” And those Champions are going on to teach others to do it for themselves! Now that’s AMAZING!


 Cathy McCarney DCBT DCH MAEPH
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Transformational Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach
Or Leave me your details on my CONTACT page


Training and Qualifications

I am a Qualified and Experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) (Diploma and Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in CBT achieved through The Institute of Counselling) specialising in the treatment of Depression, Stress management, Anxiety Management Techniques, Anger management, Confidence building training, & relieving obssessive compulsive behaviours.

I have a Certificate in Stress Management through The Institute of Counselling, following a one year Professional Development course.

I am also a trained Mentor and Empowerment Coach, and a Qualified and Experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist (Diploma), with full membership of The Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists, (MAEPH) working under the strict code of Ethics and High Standards of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapists. I am continually developing my training and studying, and advancing my techniques though Transformational Hypnotherapy and Empowerment Coaching study to build my experience and skills   

My passion in my work on this Mental Happiness Project, also enabled me to study the skills of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness and Meditation, so I could produce even more excellent results. Each programme itself works from the core to give you the cure. It enables you to build up your persistence, dedication and commitment in successfully regaining your own Personal Power, and to bring out the absolutely Amazingness in everything you think and feel and do in your life. The power is in the Understanding, and that power is yours.


I have an up to date CRB Disclosure.

My work is based in the Coventry and Warwickshire area, where I hold my successful, busy practice in Balsall Common, Coventry.

I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

 Cathy McCarney CBT DCH MAEPH

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Empowerment Coach

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