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About Cathy

About Us and My Mission…

Channelling Energies began in the year 2000, and to this day still maintains its powerful legacy for nurturing Mental and Emotional Wellness and Personal Growth. 

My Mission is to continue to inspire and empower people of all ages, so that they can transform themselves and their own world. There is no greater guarantee of a more competent and confident you, than when you are moving towards your dreams, goals, and passions, with a stronger self-belief. The results my wellness programmes produce are testament to their own success.

As a result, I am genuinely proud of Creating Champions who are equally proud to say, “It’s Okay to be Me”. And those Champions are going on to teach others to do it for themselves!

Now that’s AMAZING!

My Story…

I am Catherine McCarney, The Creativity Coach, Psychotherapist and Transformational Hypnotherapist. So, you will not be surprised if I tell you that I am truly passionate about empowering people to believe in themselves and their own abilities.

This passion has come through my own personal challenges and professional experiences. Like many of us, I have ‘wrestled’ with fear and anxiety myself in the past. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being judged, and fear of not having what it takes to succeed in my own endeavours.

Yet I have been incredibly lucky to discover the power of resilience. Something I managed to tap into without even realising it. I call it my bouncebackability and it taught me an important lesson about courage. A newfound courage that gave me the ability to step beyond my comfort zone and discover strengths I had never even known existed.

The Journey

I only fully recognised my strengths after having to deal with a considerable amount of change, emotional pain, disillusionment, and uncertainty, during a really challenging time in my life. But through all the falls – and some were more profound than others – this resilience, faith, and incredible capability, allowed me to get right back up again. Every challenge I experienced became a valuable educational tool which served to drive me forward and continue on my journey of Self-discovery.

Each step along this pathway enabled me to build my courage further, to keep going whatever the circumstances. Leading me to eventually overcome doubts and take on new challenges, that once upon a time I would never have even considered.

The combination of courage and self-belief allowed me to think “outside the box”. It gave me the ability to push against conventionality and to celebrate being extraordinarily different! Suddenly I found myself like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, enabling me to discover the amazing gift of just being uniquely ME. This enabled me to take a step back and rewrite my story. Providing me with the courage to let my creative mind take flight and do the very thing that inspired me.

The Passion that Drives Me

When I was very young, I experienced acute anxiety myself. Though at the time I didn’t really know this. In those days there were no therapists like me around, who you could turn to for help. So, I had to learn to deal with those challenges myself.

I became determined that they would not stop me doing the things I wanted to do in my life.  And although the anxieties were always there, I have been honoured to know and work with some of the most amazing mentors, who were invaluable to me at the time.

Their wisdom and guidance gave me the incentive to change the course of my life. Where I learnt how to apply the understanding and knowledge I had gained through their teachings and developed some wonderful experiences and opportunities that helped me to grow and evolve in my own right.

Over the last 20 years of working as a psychotherapist, I can now say that where I am now, and what I do, is even more powerful and meaningful than before.

Apart from my own studies and qualifications in many different Psychology and Psychotherapy fields, I have learnt first-hand from some of the greatest Yogi Masters of all time. I delved deeper within myself and explored the spiritual path towards self-growth and fulfilment so I could experience that inner freedom.

Applying their teachings in my own life is a daily practice, which has bought me such joy, and an inner calm. Consequently, I am now able to ground myself much more easily in a place of acceptance and stillness. For me, the quality of being present in the moment, and channelling that energy into whatever I do and how I do it, is my legacy.

That presence is Love and Calm.  Bringing with it, Authenticity and Joy. And now my energy comes from a higher level. There really are no limits.  Just a peaceful, loving happiness within.

It is a great gift, and I feel blessed to be able to teach it to others.

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