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Stress Management Programme

Warwickshire & Coventry Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Empowerment Coaching  & Transformational Hypnotherapy

Stress Management In this Stress Management Programme, we explore the potential sources of your stress, your responses and the consequences they create. The Empowerment Coaching methods used here for Stress Management, are part of the Anxiety2Amazing Programme, which enables you to discover your own unique strengths, giving you new insight into your abilities and capabilities.

Using Empowerment Coaching with Transformational Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness techniques, helps you to address and release yourself from blocks from the past and allows you to fully focus on the positive changes you want to make in your life. It also enables you to bring out the absolute amazingness in you. Allowing you to pause and “get out of your head” and think about new ways to respond, rather than being reactive. It generates new ways of coping with unwanted obstacles. So you can create the better choices and intentions you require, to reach your desired outcomes more successfully.

Whether it is Family Stress, Work Stress, Financial Stress, Relationship Stress, or Internal stressors like Anxiety and Panic; this dynamic Stress Management Technique is designed for you, and brings together elements of Mindfulness (the development of awareness), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Empowerment Coaching and Transformational Hypnotherapy.

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Developing a change of mindset enables you to explore a wider range of options for building Resilience. So as you become more confident about making those changes, you discover new ways to take positive action. This whole process of behaviour change, allows you to develop the skills needed in self-empowerment and self-awareness.  The essence of this approach is to help you to consciously recognise patterns of behaviour, so that you are fully aware of your reactions to situations. This then gives you a vital vantage point towards gaining self-mastery. So enabling you to grow and evolve more authentically, so you can be the amazing human being you want to be!

When you experience Stress, the body has to make certain adjustments which can be really challenging. If you fail to deal with one source of Stress sufficiently, then this may result in other stressors being created. So this dynamic stress management technique, incorporates all the elements of successful pioneering, and is designed to allow you to create new intentional habits  which allow you to step out of ruminative thinking patterns, and to develop new beliefs, healthy emotions and effective behaviours in a problem-solving approach relevant to your specific difficulties.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Empowerment Coach

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Stress Management and Wellness

Stress management The Consequences of Stress may reveal themselves in Emotional,Behavioural, and Physiological manifestations,  characteristic in Depression, Anxiety, Anger or Excessive Behavioural Problems, as well as Fatigue or Psychosomatic Illness. It may even result in ‘Burnout’ which is a far more intensive response to cumulative long-term stress, leading to total emotional exhaustion.

So it is important to identify and explore the right approach to alleviating your stress.

Whether it is at an individual level, or at a societal or environmental level, these stress management and wellness programmes are essential in helping you to develop new positive responses which enable you to see yourself not as a victim, but as a person with renewed empowerment and determination.

Confidence Building Training, will also be an important factor within this powerful stress management technique, so you can learn how to use effective confidence techniques and methods, in which to help increase your self-esteem, and enable you to cope better with any Stressful situations or issues more productively

When you focus your mind more positively in new directions, it can be incredibly energising, and can help you to release yourself from any negative defences, and restore your sense of identity so you become more at peace with yourself. It is a great way of beginning your exciting pathway to personal freedom. You begin to learn so much more about yourself, your creative abilities, your aspirations, your strengths and vision for the future, but this also involves you understanding and accepting your weaknesses too.


Stress Relief and Relaxation Technique

Stress Relief and Relaxation TechniquesAs well as learning new cognitive coping strategies, developing a new Stress Relief and Relaxation Technique is also important. With a combination of visualisation therapy, Mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and hypnotherapy, you can begin to understand the workings of your body, and learn new ways to release negativity effectively and comfortably, so you can overcome any anxiety, low self esteem and low confidence you may be experiencing, and bring calm and stability to situations. By committing to change, this powerful stress relief and relaxation technique can channel those new positive energies into those areas you choose to focus on.

Every step you take during this dynamic Stress anxiety management programme will allow you to feel more energised and more effective, so greatly improving your mood, your reactions, and responses as well as effectively relieving pressure and inner stress. So many of my clients have used the same stress anxiety management techniques and strategies through this cognitive based therapy, and have achieved great success in making a real positive difference in their life


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Qualified and Experienced Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
Stress and Anxiety Management in Coventry, Kenilworth & Warwickshire


The MindSpa Meditation Machine

mindspa1Try this new stress anxiety management technique in helping you to de-stress – The Meditation Machine, (MindSpa) ‘uses special patterns of light and sound to lead you gently into the peaceful, calm states of mind body, and will help you to relax deeply, and improve concentration’

Learn how to relax quicker and easier, and let those stresses fade away.



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