Anxiety Management

Anxiety2Amazing® – Anxiety Management Programme for Adults 

Anxiety Management and Empowerment Coaching

Anxiety ManagementThis Anxiety Management Programme, allows you to greatly enhance your ability, to deal with anxious or difficult situations.  You can discover the skills and strategies you need, to help you overcome fear and anxiety at every level.  

Transformational Hypnotherapy gives you the opportunity to attend to past situations safely and easily. So you can better understand the reasons for your ‘stuckness’ and release yourself fully from the shackles of the past.  Psychotherapy techniques  and powerful Coaching methods, then enable you to recognise the connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions. So that you gain more insight into what triggers the anxiety. You also gain more knowledge about the associations and disassociations your mind creates, as it relates to the memories. Most importantly, you will discover your own unique strengths.

As you become more adept at being more mindful of your reactions in certain situations,  anxiety management becomes so much easier. You can then discover and use new ways in which to create better opportunities to respond differently, with a greater understanding. And as you discover the powerful benefits of being more present in the moment, you are better able to channel those new positive energies into the areas you really want to focus on. This is an important part of your journey of self-empowerment, in which you can successfully find your own effective, personal level of Resilience and Calm. 

And I know this anxiety management process works. Because not only  have I used all these techniques successfully myself, but many of my clients have used them successfully too. You can read their successes on my Testimonial Page


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Transformational Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach

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Transformational Hypnotherapy

Transformational Hypnotherapy helps to assist you in reaching that deeper level of relaxation within a form of Visualisation Therapy. This can be a Hypnotherapy for Anxietyuseful if you have  anxieties and phobias, which have links to events or situations in the past. Regressing you back to those events, helps you to review and address the obstacles and blocks that have caused you to become stuck. So you can safely replace, release and reframe old mind scripts. Enabling you to expand possibilities for change in a positive and profound way. So making a significant improvement in your coping mechanisms and building your self-confidence.

Whether you are on your own, in a relationship, or raising a family, we all have to make many decisions along the way. These decisions can also greatly affect those challenges. They may create anxiety. And if you have not yet discovered the healthy way of dealing with anxiety, you may respond to it through Avoidance. Heightened anxieties will make you want to get away, which is the natural flight-response. So it is important to discover how to manage any conflict in your mind. To understand, challenge or confront your fears more safely and confidently. This is where Hypnotherapy can be very useful. Its unique methods  for Anxiety Management, allow you to work through your difficulties more comfortably. Enabling you to cope with, release, or conquer, those fears and anxieties more successfully.

This Anxiety Management Programme, uses the powerful techniques of Empowerment Coaching, Mindfulness, Transformational Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It enables you to identify and focus on what you really want, so you can discover how to achieve the results you desire, quickly and easily.

All of the dedicated clients who have come to see me for Anxiety issues, have had great success in using these powerful techniques and methods for effective stress and anxiety management. With equal commitment and determination, so can you!

Effective Anxiety Management
and Clinical Hypnotherapy Services for Warwickshire and Coventry

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach
Tel: 07970 947024 for Your Free Introductory Consultation
Or Leave me your details on my CONTACT page

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