Best Stress Management Techniques That Really Make Change Happen


Mindfulness and Stress Management Techniques

The methods and strategies used in this therapy process, will help you crack the code of all those thought processes, behaviours and self-beliefs,  and allow you to create space in which to manifest positive change.  

 What makes this whole experience so powerful, is that it uses unique  Stress Management techniques and skills that weave together with other aspects of Stress Reduction. It is also highly effective  for people of all ages and all walks of life, and focuses on integrating Mindfulness and the conventional therapeutic approaches of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Personal Coaching, Psychotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  It supports you and the family, in accessing new ways to relate to Stressful situations, and equips you with powerful tools that strengthen your awareness, and free you of any inhibiting aspects of a problem or difficulty, so you can respond more desirably to situations, and overcome hidden barriers; making this process a valuable tool for effective stress reduction, eliminating worries, and developing better coping strategies.

Discover the Stress Management Techniques that work best for you, so you can successfully make the changes you want within any part of your life: Relationship issues; Workplace Stress Reduction; Anxiety issuesDepression; Anger and Aggression; Separation and Divorce; Loneliness; Control Issues; Jealousy; Family Stress; Child and Teenage Anxieties and Depression; Infertility Stress; Guilt and Shame; Emotional Breakdown; Communication difficulties; Sleep problems; Commitment issues; Post-Traumatic Stress; Exam Stress; Addictive Behaviours; Weight Control, Coping with Injuries and Living with Pain.


Stress Management and Wellness

The most powerful Stress Reduction methods and techniques in this therapy and coaching process, enables you to get back to that creative level in your brain, before fear and insecurity distorted your natural instincts and judgment. By learning these new systems in which you can expand your awareness and go beyond what you thought was possible, you can enhance any aspect of your life and being:

  • Become more Motivated
  • Make Better Decisions – Think creatively
  • Master the Art of Mindfulness and Positive Living and Being
  • Improve Communication
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Overcome Nerves and Build a Strong Mind-Set
  • Accelerate your own Healing Abilities
  • Build Self-Confidence and become more Assertive
  • and Create Better Problem-Solving Skills…..


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Cognitive Behavioural Coach and Therapist

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Cathy is a highly experienced, compassionate, and motivational, Stress Management Therapist and Coach, specialised in working with youngsters and adults, and committed to supporting and empowering people to move towards their goals successfully.


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Stress Management Techniques; Anxiety Management Techniques with Hypnotherapy; Cognitive Therapy for Depression; Motivational Family Coaching Programmes; Anger Management Skills and Techniques; Confidence Building and Assertiveness….


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I went to see Cathy for Coaching Sessions whilst I was going through a rather bruising marriage breakdown. I was feeling desolate and helpless and I had sort of lost my way for a little while, to the point where I didn’t feel good about myself…

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