Powerful Stress Management Techniques For Mind Management

Stress Management Techniques and Mindfulness

The simplified Stress Management Techniques and strategies used in this Therapy and Coaching process, will help you understand the workings of your mind and body more clearly. 

 This is your personal journey. A journey of Empowerment, where anything is possible. Allowing you to better manage your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. So you are able to successfully focus your energy on the things that you can influence, and make a positive difference about. Each powerful programme integrates Mindfulness along with other conventional therapeutic approaches. Enabling you to create better opportunuties to respond differently, with more confidence. It also uses some elements of the Mind Management model from The Chimp Paradox, by Dr Steve Peters

Discover today, just how easily these powerful Stress Management Techniques, enable you to make the positive changes you want within: Relationship issues; Workplace Stress Reduction; Anxiety issues;  Depression;  Anger and Aggression;  Separation and Divorce; Loneliness; Control Issues; Jealousy; Family Stress;  Child and Teenage Anxieties;  Guilt and Shame; Emotional Breakdown; Communication difficulties; Sleep problems; Commitment issues; Post-Traumatic Stress; Exam Stress; Addictive Behaviours; Weight Control, Coping with Injuries and Living with Pain

  • NEW: ANXIETY SUPPORT GROUPS FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS – available Now in Coventry and Warwickshire – Contact Cathy – 07970947024- or Register your Interest in the Quick Contact Form provided on this page.


Anxiety and Stress Management in Schools and at Home – “It’s Okay To be Me”

Many of the young people I work with today, tell me how Anxiety affects them and their performance at School: The build up of Exam work; High Expectations and workload Stress; Friendship circles; Trying to “Fit in”; Depression; Bullying; Home Schooling; Increasing Isolation, and of course the ANXIETY STIGMA.

Conscious Awareness Coaching gives young people the chance to explore a wider range of options and action steps. Helping them to stretch their minds more effectively. Giving them space to grow and evolve as an authentic human being.

So, if you have a young child at school, from age 8 and upwards, who you feel could benefit from discovering how they can bring their own AMAZINGNESS out in them. Or maybe you would like your Child’s School to get involved in this Programme, then please – Get in contact today, and let your children be proud to say “It’s Okay To Be Me

Contact Me to arrange a FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION – I also offer FREE Mentoring in between booked sessions if needed, providing the valuable support your child needs, at the right time

Individual or Group Sessions Available by Appointment

Cathy McCarney – Tel: 07970 947024


Achieving the Difference You Want to Make

Increase your ability to manage your mind and body. Learn how you can expand your awareness and go beyond what you thought was possible:

  • Become more Motivated
  • Make Better Decisions – Think creatively
  • Master the Art of Mindfulness
  • Improve Communication
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Overcome Nerves and Build a Strong Mind-Set
  • Accelerate your own Healing Abilities
  • Build Self-Confidence and become more Assertive
  • and Create Better Problem-Solving Skills


By Appointment Only:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Balsall Common

By Appointment Only:  Monday and Friday in Bedworth 

By appointment Only:   FaceTime or Skype Sessions available 


Call me for your FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION – Cathy McCarney – Tel: 07970 947024
Or leave me your details on my CONTACT page

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Coach


Anxiety Support Groups for Children and Adults

Weekly Anxiety Support Groups – Empowerment Coaching for Children and Adults with Anxiety, Stress or Depression in Coventry & Warwickshire.  Small Individual Groups for Adults, and for Children & Teenagers from 8-19 ~ Free Introductory Session – Register Your Interest – Contact Cathy – 07970947024 

Price – £35 per person per session – Ring me direct – Cathy – 07970947024 –  or Register your Interest through the Quick Contact Form below, on the front page

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Cathy is a highly experienced, compassionate, and motivational, Stress Management Therapist and Coach, specialised in working with youngsters and adults, and committed to supporting and empowering people to move towards their goals successfully.


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I went to see Cathy for Coaching Sessions whilst I was going through a rather bruising marriage breakdown. I was feeling desolate and helpless and I had sort of lost my way for a little while, to the point where I didn’t feel good about myself…

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